Zumba with Active Students

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There is probably no other way to enjoy a workout than to get up and dance, Zumba style.  Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, Salsa and more, as long as it has a feel good rhythm, moving your body to music never felt so effortless. While everyone loves music, no matter what genre it is, Zumba is just that activity that allows you to feel the music, inspiring you without you even knowing it.

This week’s Zumba session was held with Active Students, which allows students to attend classes for free and what’s more you can earn points in return for your fitness efforts that go towards different prizes. The Zumba session which was made up of all girls, saw everyone come together at all levels of fitness. The great thing about Zumba is that it doesn’t matter if you can dance or not, no one held judgement, which seemed essential to its vibrancy, there is no such thing as embarrassment here. Encouragement was displayed, while everyone took part with the equal amount of passion and enthusiasm.

“It’s my third time coming, and it’s fun, I’d like to burn off some fat (laughs) and I enjoy the music,” said Law Student, Jun. Each dance routine involved different exercise movements,  high knees, isolating the core, boxing moves, crunches and what you know it, booty shakes and exercises, with glute exercises now being in trend, from the likes of J lo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, everyone wants to be bootylicious.

Though besides this, Zumba does hold other benefiting factors and is idea for weight loss: it improves the bodies cardiovascular systems; your body will begin to tone up as you use different body muscles in rhythm to the music, and as with any other exercise, it is a great way to relieve the mind and body of stress, with exams coming up and deadlines approaching, take some time out to relax and get back on track.

Qualified Zumba instructor since April 2012, Martine Noody said: “I’ve been here at Hertfordshire for two years and I’d say Zumba is exercise but in dance steps, I’d say the bottom line is that it’s energetic and fun with the more effort you get in, and it doesn’t matter if you go wrong.”

Joining the classes is also a great way to make friends, seeing other people be just as enthusiastic as you are is a great way to motivate one another and boost in confidence. As always take time to look after yourself, it does not hurt to be aware of your body and your health, and in what better way but to do it to music and dance.

If you’d like to see more information on Zumba or any other active student classes, visit the active student website or check the Herts sports village website where there are loads more sports clubs and activities to partake in.

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