Zombie Invasion developments

[Jennie Couling | Contributing Writer]

Following the announcement from Trident Media last week, students flocked to the EleHouse to be evacuated from campus after it had been reported that members of the public were behaving strangely around the College Lane area.

Hertfordshire Raise and Give issued a statement saying this was due to a virus that causes the infected to “act erratically. Early signs include redness of the skin and eyes as well as internal and external bleeding. In all cases, infected act in zombie-like ways”.

Around 120 students were helped to evacuate but tragically not all survived. Despite the best efforts of volunteer maritals to create a route long and complicated enough to outwit the zombies, the infected were scattered along the route spreading the contagion and killing evacuees. There is little known about the virus but one thing is for sure – infection on contact is inevitable.

Reports are coming in from those who managed to escape alive. One student, second year Daniel  Lamana, described the infected as “awful, with black eyes, cool gaze and flesh falling down their faces” while another second year, Andrew Anthony, said they were “fierce, athletic, determined”.  Despite their compromised physical state, Anthony told how “the faster you run the faster they run.”

Sacrifices had to be made by many. Second year Alex Baro Cayentano told how he had to “leave so [many] people behind” and suggested that some of the evacuation team had been infected.

“Never trust the martials. They were standing next to the zombies and I thought they were going to help me or something but they didn’t. It was a trap,” he said.

For now it would appear students are safe. However as the infection has hit the university at a similar time for the past two years, it would appear that the virus is seasonal. This year one scientist was close to finding an antidote but sadly didn’t survive the evacuation.

Reinfection is inevitable. Survivors offered their tips for next year. Laine Kocane warned to “look out” and “expect the unexpected… use your imagination”. While many, like Lamana, suggested students “[do] more cardio” in preparation.

A small fee of £3 was charged for evacuation and the event raised over £300 to contribute to the fantastic work of RAG’s chosen charities;Teens Unite, Haven House Children’s Hospice and Young Minds.

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