X-Factor Winners: Where are they now?

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Who could have thought that from the moment that Hear’Say won the first series of Popstars, that it could have ever spawned into the reality pop star search that has taken over the globe. X Factor, for those who have lived under a rock of the last ten years, is the ‘music’ competition to find a new pop star. The brainchild of music mogul Simon Cowell, The X Factor in the UK is now in its 11th series with over 30 versions around the world. The X Factor has truly become Simon Cowell’s cash cow in the television industry.

So as we reach the final of the 11th series of the British X Factor, what has happened to the previous ten winners and is winning really the best thing to do with the X Factor.

Let’s start with Series One, well that got awkward. After winning, Steve Brookstein publically fell out with Mr Cowell and his management and was soon dropped from the label that signed him after the X Factor. Runners up, G4 are apparently still going however currently are unsigned. Winner, Brookstein, released the album Forgotten Man in March of 2014, from its chart position, it seems he could have been writing about himself.

From Series Two and Three, the only good things that can be said are that we sent one of them to Eurovision (Andy Abraham) and once again didn’t win. Leona Lewis created one of the most catchy and most irritating songs of 2007, and Ray Quinn has become a really good ice skater following his appearance on the ITV show Dancing on Ice.

Series Five was a little bit of a saving grace for the show after spitting out Alexandra Burke and JLS, however, since JLS split allowing Marvin Humes and his Saturday’s wife Rochelle to ruin ‘This Morning’ for everyone, its all down to Alexandra. Since Alexandra’s 2012 album, she has been pretty under the radar. Where is she? Probably lost in the pop wilderness.

Just as we thought it was back on track, Series Six and Seven produced Joe McElderry and Matt Cardle, another two pop failures. However, Olly Murs and Rebecca Ferguson who both came second are now producing credible music and still going strong.

Series Seven spawned one of the biggest pop franchises of the 21st century, One Direction. After coming a meager third place, they have gone on to take over the world with hit after hit showing that winning the series is not always the best thing.

Series Eight through 10 saw Cowell leave the panel, what a bad move that was. The only act that can really be granted a success was Little Mix who are still going however each of the other winners from the last three series have just been a bit meh.

Who knows what will happen to the next winner of the X Factor and if the show will survive in its current format. Cowell’s return was evidence of the shows demise during his campaign to launch the American X Factor, and since it was reported that the US version had been cancelled because Cowell has left, is It possible that Cowell is the key ingredient to the shows winning recipe.

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