World Kindness Day Celebrated With KindFest 2020

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Friday 13th November was not another ‘all that’s all we need’ moment for this year, but rather the opposite. This Friday marked World Kindness Day, a day where we all came together to celebrate both small and big acts of kindness, that can help make the world a more compassionate place.

KindFest 2020 was a afternoon festival streamed live on 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT). It was dubbed as the “festival of light in a time of darkness” was organised by Team Kind. The festival was divided into five tents, each tent live streamed a different aspect of the festival. Tent 1 was Kinder Lives, Tent 2 was about Kindness at Work, Tent 3 covered Thinking of Kindness; while Tent four looked into the subject of Kinder Politics, and Tent 5 looked into the subject of Kinder Youth.

The KindFest website said: [In today’s society] conflict and violence are on the rise globally, fuelled by growing inequality and social divisions. We are destroying our planet and wildlife at an alarming rate. From Brexit Britain to Trump’s America, politics feel more polarised, bitter and toxic than ever. The news can seem overwhelmingly bad.”

“And yet in amongst it all there is light. There is a resurgence of kindness. All over the world people want to make their lives kinder, to build kinder communities, kinder workplaces and to have more kindness in public life. Kindness is more important than ever before – it can unite us to support each other in new ways, to find new solutions”.

The first tent ‘Kinder Lives’ was hosted by BBC Voice Journalist Kamilah McInnis and Team Kind Susie Hills, for the duration of the tent’s live stream in the festival. Sir Captain Tom Moore, (who walked 100 laps to raise millions for charity) and his daughter Hannah Moore, who both appeared on BBC Morning Live in the morning; later introduced KindFest 20 live in the Kinder Lives tent, where Moore reminded us of the importance of being kind.

Moore said: “Kindness [can] only lead to kindness [which is a] great benefit to all people. You’re showing [through kindness] a pleasant view to everyone, which gives everyone a little bit of pleasure”.

“If you show kindness to people you’ll get some in return. [It is] important we show kindness to everyone at all times. Pushing the kindness back out is critical”, added Moore.

This heart-warming introduction was followed by a conversation with the tent’s hosts, McInnis and Hills, with special guests CEO of Young Minds Emma Thomas and CEO for the Blurt Foundation Jayne Hardy, who discussed why KindFest 20 was important and what they hoped the festival would achieve.

Hills said: [KindFest is] something that brought life and joy and inspires us to be kind to ourselves and to those around us [to] build a kinder world.”

Thomas added that: “More than ever we need to be reminded of self care and kindness to ourselves.” suggesting to kindness can help us to “show compassion towards other people.” She concluded her statement, with how kindness applies to Young Minds, as  “Kindness is at the heart of how we [can] tackle the stigma [of mental health]”.

To find out how to get involved with Team Kind and KindFest’s mission to spread kindness, visit the get involved page on their website here.

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