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It’s almost that time of the year again – the season of warm cocoas and fuzzy Christmas jumpers! It’s undeniable that winter is the most romantic season of the four. However, it’s not the kindest season for your skin and you definitely want to look your best, especially for your loved ones. BlueMoon has a few key tips on gearing your skin up for the winter.

Switch up your skincare regime

In order to prevent your skin from drying out during the winter, it is crucial you switch up your skincare. Switch to a heavier (if possible oil-based) moisturizer and use it religiously especially at night as skin repairs itself optimally overnight. Try using an oil based cleanser or cream cleansers instead of a foaming wash as it will not dry your skin out that much. Skip toner if possible, but if you really have to retain this step, opt for an alcohol-free toner instead.


The extremely cold air outdoors and that artificial heat indoors is a really bad concoction as it sucks moisture out from your skin especially if you are sleeping with the heater on all night. Humidifiers are a great way to put moisture back into the air and it also helps soothe dryness and any irritations that you might have. Budget beauty: Most of us readers are students, we don’t have the priority to invest in a humidifier. A cheaper alternative is to place a dish or a bowl of water near the heater. Once the water heats up, the water evaporates into the air, thus releasing moisture – the same way a humidifier works!

Take short showers

The one thing we love to do during the winter to warm ourselves up is taking long hot showers/baths. However, the extreme high temperature in the water will strip all of our skin’s moisture. But of course we still need to take our showers, so try cutting down on your long baths and lower the temperature of your bath a little, trust me – it will help.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

I cannot stress enough how important this step is, especially in the winter. Exfoliating is a simple process where you scrub off and eliminate any dead skin cells accumulated on your skin and it can be done swiftly in the shower. You can get body scrubs from the drugstore or you can just pair your body wash with a loofah or a muslin cloth. Remember not to scrub too hard or you might agitate the skin. (Budget beauty): Make your own scrub! Pair sugar and honey together and start scrubbing away! The sugar in the mix causes friction against your skin which removes the dead skin and honey is a simple healing property that conditions your skin. Cheap and au naturel!

Maximum moisturization

This step really goes without saying. A body lotion or a body butter should be everyone’s staple item during the winter and should be sitting everywhere around your room, and including your bag! Moisturize at least twice a day, morning and night. Incorporating oil to your regime is important as well especially for people who have extremely dry flaky skin like me! You can look for pumpkin seed oil, grapeseed oil or even argan oil – which works wonderfully for your hair as well. (Biggest tip: Apply your creams and lotions as soon after you shower. The warmth and moisture from the air and your skin opens up the pores, allowing your products to penetrate fully into the skin)

Chapstick for chapped lips

We all want to kiss and be kissed under the mistletoe and on the start of the New Year. The last thing we want is to kiss someone with really chapped, dry, peeling, and flaky looking lips. It doesn’t hurt to keep a chapstick or a lip balm with us wherever we go, it’s so tiny you really don’t feel a thing. Reapply each time necessary and your lips will thank you. Beeswax or hemp-flavored products heals your lips the best.

(Budget beauty): Make out! There is no faster and better way to keep your lips hydrated. Don’t go kissing and telling!


Even though the sun only shows up for a couple of hours during winter, it is still as important to use SPF. The harmful UVA and UVB rays are still out working hard to give people wrinkles and fine lines. Many people neglect using SPF during the winter, but to save time and money, use products that already have SPF incorporated. For example, your lip balm or your foundation. (Biggest tip: Don’t wear SPF if you’re going for a party at night if you don’t want a white cast or sheen on your face when taking flash photography)


Hydration and moisturization are two totally separate things. Hydration retains water internally and externally whilst moisturization keeps moisture on the outer layer of the skin. It is important not to be dehydrated especially during the winter. Budget beauty: Drink plenty of water. You can never go wrong with water.

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