Why Join Trident Media – Radio

By Nariece Sanderson – Head of Radio

I think the correct question is… ‘why WOULDN’T you join Trident Media?’ Trident Media offer a brilliant opportunity to gain work experience in a variety of media forms. You could try out writing, producing or presenting through our online, radio and television platforms. Once you have had a go, you can add it to your CV which is essential for getting future work. The media industry is incredibly competitive, so having student media experience under your belt is a massive bonus. Thanks to volunteering with Trident Media, I’ve recently worked with Rock Sound, Radio X, Virgin Radio and Upset Magazine.

If I had never tried out student radio, I may never have found my true passion for radio. A great benefit, especially for fellow radio lovers, is an insight into the professional industry, and opportunities to network with presenters and producers. As part of Trident Media Radio, we are members of the Student Radio Association. This means free radio guidance, free training days and events, along with that important opportunity to enter to win a Student Radio Award. Thanks to that prestigious prize, we have the likes of Greg James on Radio 1 and many other great presenters working in British radio.

I’ve made more mates thanks to Trident Media, and had a great time producing and presenting my alternative rock show – ‘Panic At The Studio’. For £15, I’ve used our lovely studio space and facilities around the clock to create great content. I’ve also worked backstage at the SOLD OUT 2016 Slam Dunk Music Festival; reviewing and meeting my favourite bands for our website. In addition to all this, I was very lucky to win a snazzy award at the Trident Media Awards for my radio show. It’s so nice to be recognized for the volunteer work… and it makes my CV look more impressive! So you should definitely get involved. Try out some new things, meet some lovely student journos, and soak up the FREE media opportunities while you can. But remember: your student media experience is what you make it. Hopefully I’ll see you very soon!

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