Why Join Trident Media: Fresher’s Guide to Student Print, Radio and TV

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Hi guys, it’s the beginning of another university year and for some of you, it might be your first. This is your chance to try something new and exciting, and maybe even out of your comfort zone!

Trident Media is the official Students’ Union led media organisation of the University of Hertfordshire and has three brilliant outlets for everyone to join: Print, TV and Radio.


Print publish the fortnightly newspaper, Universe, and the university magazine, Bluemoon; Crush Radio broadcast music and entertainment online 24/7 from the university; and UnionTV film and present activities all over campus!

Once you pay the small membership fee, you will have access to every outlet. You will have to specify which area you are most interested in but you will be able to contribute to all areas without any hassle (or any extra costs!)

To find out more about each outlet, hear what members of our committee have to say!

Aimone Sharif | Sports Manager, gives us 7 reasons why you should be a Trident Media Print member:

#1 You love to write!

If you enjoy writing about anything and everything, this is the place for you! As a Print member, you can write about whatever takes your fancy. We generally have themes and topics we like to cover, but if you can give it a twist in your own way to make it absolutely original and totally you, then go for it!

#2 You can spend time with like-minded people

As part of Print, you will have the opportunity to meet so many people with the same hobbies and passions as you. We all know that arriving at university for the first time can be really daunting and super scary, that’s why we are here. We like to write and we have fun doing it, we are a solid team and include everyone in everything we do.

#3 You can be proud of your published work

When you get your first article published in UniVerse or Bluemoon, you will actually feel extremely proud and you will continue feeling proud every time you open up the paper and flip through the pages to see your name printed with your article. It’s hard not smile! It is so rewarding to see your work acknowledged and appreciated, you know that a lot of people are going to read it and think, “Damn that’s a good article!”

#4 You can learn new skills

You will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of journalism and media as well as the multitude of topics you cover. If you are a Media, Journalism or Mass Communication student in particular, you will learn a lot and it will actually make your course a tad easier. If you are not a Media student, here is your chance to gain skills that might benefit you in the future. You never know, you might just end up considering it as a career or pick up skills that you can apply across other fields!

#5 You can build your portfolio

As we all are students, our aim after these 3 to 4 (maybe even 5 years) is to be the most employable as we can be because let’s face it, this big world we live in can be quite scary and hard to fit into and it’s difficult to stand out from the rest. As a Print member, you will have articles under your belt, you will have participated in events you probably didn’t even know existed, but most of all, you will have been part of an extracurricular society that is very different from the rest. Being part of Trident Media gives your CV that dash of individuality and uniqueness that every company is looking for nowadays. So why not give it a shot?! You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain!

#6 You can win awards

Trident Media enables you to enter your articles in various competitions, including some of our very own, such as the SU awards. You never know, there might be a special article that you wrote that everyone loved and you might just end up on that stage!

#7 You’ll be a part of an awesome team!

We’re awesome and we’re all kinda crazy. If you want more info on how to be a Print member at Trident Media, please go to the Hertfordshire.su website!

Check out our Sex, Love and Relationships issue of BlueMoon from earlier this year!

Want to be in front of the mic? Robert Gammon | Station Manager outlines why he joined Crush Radio and why you should too!

Student radio is a great experience mainly because it’s a great laugh. You get to plan and create a show that is suited to you and present it online to the University and to the rest of the world as Crush Radio and Crush Underground are broadcast 24/7 online via TuneIn.

It’s fun subjecting your co-host to your own music and antics; but making a good, entertaining show that people enjoy is fulfilling in itself.

Crush is more than just being in the studio and presenting though, it’s also about being a part of the University. Since joining in my second year, I have been much more aware of what events and parties are happening on and off the campus. One reason for this is because I have been part of many of these events.

I have been a radio journalist during the Re-Freshers Fair, recording radio interviews with many societies and I have presented an outside broadcast live in the Forum on a sofa. That is just my experience from one year, every Crush Radio member can tell you how they have run events like May Day Madness and done so much more with the University.

Joining Crush Radio makes you feel like you are having the university experience you were promised at school and college. It also looks really good on your CV as you have proof of practical use of communication skills, event management and time management. You may even win some awards along the way.

But the most compelling reason that you should join Crush Radio and Trident Media as a whole is that you do something with your short time at university that you can be extremely proud of.


Interested in the TV broadcast media? Kieran Burman |Head of TV explains why you should join UnionTV.

So why should you join us here at Trident Media, and more specifically UnionTV? Well firstly, it is tremendous fun! Everyone is incredibly easy to get on with, welcoming and interesting. From filming on the de Havilland pitches to late night editing sessions, I have enjoyed every moment and I know you will too!

What’s more, you will learn lots of new skills; whether it’s editing, filming or how to present. The superb committee, TV director or myself here at UnionTV already have an entourage of shows in the pipeline which will need lots of members, however, it doesn’t stop there.  We will be there to try our best to make any ambitions that you have for a show into a reality whilst helping and supporting you along the way.

Your show, whether you have directed it, filmed it or edited it (or maybe even all three) will then appear on the Trident Media website and YouTube channel, which our Social Media manager will then spread around every outlet of social media to for everyone to see.

UnionTV will look great on a CV for any future employer to see, especially if you’re entering the realms of creative arts, media or filming and production. But that doesn’t have to be the reason that you join us. If you’re just after a good time with likeminded people, want to try your hand at a new trade, or just simply have a passion for what we do and want to make it into a little more than a hobby, then UnionTV is perfect to join.

I can’t wait to meet all of our new members and here’s to your future 1000 view video!

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