Why Join Trident Media – Editorial

By Aimone Sharif – Head of Editorial

Trident Media’s editorial team is the award-winning outlet that has proven that the art of writing has yet to disappear. Throughout the years the editorial team (also known previously as print team) has established a vast range of contacts at the University and outside and has acquired the power to reach out to all types of students at the University, in the country and around the world due to our diverse team and audience.

Being part of the team means you will learn journalistic, social and technological skills all at once. Different sections are outlined to help you see what you like and what you would prefer writing for. Any idea you have most probably fits in a category, if not we will find space for it as it is your work and we will flaunt it for you and with you!

Being editorial does not mean being sat on a chair and desk aimlessly writing for hours. We want you to enjoy what you are writing about, we want you to come up with the ideas and you to follow and further research that topic you know will make everyone curious.

This year, Editorial has been subject to many changes, but we have tried to keep it exciting by bringing a lifestyle section that includes travel, food and fashion to life.  And we are even more excited because as writers, it is important that our work is made available and noticed by others, which is now going to be easier with the new Trident Media app! Yes! We are upgrading to an APP☺

Being part of Trident Media is being part of a team, we hope to mix all three outlets a lot more this year and become an entity. As for writing, no idea is stupid and no idea is too extravagant or too boring. Amaze us with your own twist, creativity and personality and your article will be golden!  

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