Why I Love St Patrick’s Day

By Holly McDonnell – Contributing Writer

On Friday 17th March, we see the annual festivity of Saint Patrick’s Day (or as I like to call it, Paddy’s Day)!

St Patrick’s Day celebrates the work of the most notable Irish Saint, where he drove the snakes out of Ireland, and marked the birth of Christianity in the country.

But it is not just a religious event, Paddy’s Day is also a phenomenal cultural event.  Many people around the world line the streets watching festivals and parades, as well as enjoying a nice cold pint of Guinness, and listening to the best Irish bands.

Having lived in Ireland for two years, I know how incredible the celebrations are. Ireland celebrates St Patrick’s work not just on 17th March, but also the next day!

I lived in County Galway, which is on the west coast of Ireland, and the events held were a great day out. It is recognised as one of Ireland’s most cultural cities.  Last year, Galway was named as the European Capital of Culture 2020 so I would highly recommend you to visit!  

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Without doubt, St Patrick’s Day has made me feel nostalgic since I moved back to the UK, and I remember all the wonderful friends and family I have out there.

For my first St Patrick’s Day, we watched a parade through the streets of a small town called Loughrea.  

The following year, we saw another parade, but this time in Galway City Centre, with a larger crowd and an incredible atmosphere!

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So what are you waiting for? Go to the pub, grab a pint of Guinness this Friday, listen to traditional Irish bands such as The Dubliners, and enjoy this remarkable day!  Remember to wear green, or have shamrocks face painted on you!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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