Why dry January?

By Aimone Sharif- Head of Editorial

I was not raised in a family that drinks in fact the only thing I have ever seen in my mother’s hand is a glass of water.  I cannot say before University I hadn’t touched alcohol, that would just be a blunt lie but at University I normalised alcohol drinking to a whole other level.

Dry January is a recent term/ campaign in the UK that was created to promote awareness of the rising  alcoholism rate. So, for a month people stop drinking and donate to the Alcoholism Concern charity, in return the charity will help participants by giving tips; such as suggesting long walks, taking up a hobby or trying a non-alcoholic version of our favourite drink.s To make things a little easier, italian restaurant chain Strada has created a non-alcoholic sparkling wine specifically for Dry January.

Everyone has their new year resolutions every year and as I was working at the bar on New Year’s Eve and saw people’s state I realised that detoxing myself from alcohol might be a good first step to get a grip on my life; and so I started dry January.

So here is why; against all odds I did dry January

  1. Save some money

Yeah, my first reason is purely economical, I am a third year and I look at my bank account a couple of times a week and I always pray that a miracle happened overnight! I don’t know what student finance is expecting of me but after a month max I hit economic crisis. Doing dry January I have saved approximately £40/50 just by not buying the booze; that’s my bills for the month…Winner ☺  

2.Lose weight

Loose the Kilograms! When you think about January you think exams and you think how much food you are going to eat to distract and distress yourself and all that weight you are gaining and those tears you are pouring sat on that desk chair. So, as I was contemplating on doing dry January, the weight management argument took over- even if I am not the type of person who counts calories, in my head I felt better.

3.Say bye to hangovers!

No Thursday mornings banging headaches anymore and it’s been good. The prospect of waking up and not feeling like a zombie seemed quite tempting and in fairness my whole body was grateful.  Morning gym sessions were less painful, breakfast easier to swallow and I could think quicker, so all in all I waved a happy hanky goodbye to the dreadful hanging feeling.

4.A challenge

I’m always up for a challenge, and not drinking in January when you have housemates that drink every two days around you, when everyone is getting hammered after January exams and you are reunited with your friends has proven a challenge. But I have embraced it and I have loved it, if I go out I will go for the music and enjoy other aspects although Forum sucks when you are sober! At the end of the day, if I can contribute into helping people with alcohol problems by donating and participating, I will and I would do it again.

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