When is it creepy to still be Trick-or-Treating?

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Editor]

Many see Trick or Treating as a harmless, fun activity for kids to do on Halloween. The excitement over dressing up in favourite costumes and a copious amount of sweet treats makes for a lot of very happy children.

However, many older people dislike Trick or Treating, and according to a survey conducted in 2011, almost a quarter of adults feel that Trick or Treating shouldn’t happen. Strangers knocking on doors and demanding sweets can be very intimidating, especially for the elderly.

Much of the worry comes from the perceived risk of anti-social behaviour on Halloween. Although predominantly younger children take part in Halloween, some teenagers also partake in the practice begging the question: when is it too old to Trick or Treat?

Are tweens and teenagers too old for the practice? And what about fully grown adults? Should trick or treating be reserved solely for the young and their parents, or should everyone be able to take part?

As with most things, I think it depends. It depends on the people who are trick-or-treating – are they polite or intimidating? It also depends on whether homeowners want Trick-or-Treaters. While anti-social behaviour on Halloween has actually decreased in recent years, perception is still high. Many local police step up patrols over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period. Police also recommend not knocking on the doors of strangers. This can really help so that people who don’t want to participate in Halloween aren’t bothered by Trick or Treaters.

However, there is still a big difference between children and adults trick or treating. Personally, I believe that Trick-or-Treating is something that should be reserved for children and done with respect for those who don’t what to partake. However, there needs to be something for tween and teenagers to do on Halloween, an alternative to Trick or Treating, so that everyone is happy.

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