What’s On At UH: TRUTH TO POWER: Journalism on Screen

By Zoe Fripp

TRUTH TO POWER: Journalism on Screen, a month-long series of screenings dedicated to the representation of Journalists in film is being hosted by the University of Hertfordshire.

The event forms part of the UHArts Film & TV programme and will span from the 31st October to the 28th November 2017. The values of the programme are to entertain, inspire and educate, and therefore several films of different genres and time-periods are to be shown over the coming weeks that celebrate journalists on their ability to strive for the truth.

In the era of ‘fake news’ and where truth is ever more subjective, join UHArts for a season of classic films that celebrate the drive of holding Truth to Power” –UHArts.

The four-week event begins with a showing of His Girl Friday (1940) directed by Howard Hawks, on 31st October at 7:30 pm.  This notable comedy demonstrates the fast-paced environment of working in a newsroom and the relationship between newspaper editor Walter Burns and investigative reporter Hildy Johnson, his ex-wife. The main theme of the film is the ambition of both journalistic characters and how far they’re willing to go to get what they want.

On 7th November at 7:30 pm, there will be a showing of Sweet Smell of Success (1975) directed by Alexander McKendrick. This film follows Broadway columnist writer, J.J Hunsecker, and the power he holds over his readers, who soon finds that this sway doesn’t extend to his younger sister; using it instead to invade her personal life.

Each week the films being shown progress through time, with Spotlight (2015) as the final showing at 7:30 pm on 28th November 2017. This film, directed by Tom McCarthy, focuses on one of the most prominent international scandals in history: the Catholic church’s cover-up of child sex-abuse, where we follow the ‘spotlight’ journalism team at The Boston Globe as they uncover the dark secret.

Spotlight [Credit: BagoGames on Flickr]

The film showings are being held at the University of Hertfordshire College Lane Campus, in Room B01 of the Film Music and Media Building, which includes disability access. Tickets can be obtained from the UHArts website for £6 per-film-showing for the public or £4 for students. If you are interested in attending all showings, season tickets are available for £20 for the public or £15 for students.

For more information on the event or the films being shown, visit: https://www.uharts.co.uk/whats-on?f.Category

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