What’s On At UH? Rock & Roll Bingo

By Tom Boon

Every other Tuesday, the Elehouse hosts its popular Rock and Roll Bingo. Everybody knows what bingo is, but this one has a surprising twist: the numbers are replaced with songs.

Trident Media gave it a go during the weekly pub quiz last Sunday, and we were pleasantly surprised with the ease of recognising the songs. There was a mixture of current popular songs, some nostalgic, cheesy hits, and a few classic oldies. I cannot describe how excited we were to hear J-Lo singing Jenny from the Block, especially as it won us a bottle of wine!

When asked his opinion of the event that night, Steve Gassira, an exchange student from Central Connecticut State University replied, “Despite it being a sort of competition it was very relaxed. I had fun!”

We also caught up with the bingo host, Kayne Sharp, who said, “Who doesn’t want to sing along to some classic tracks, a couple of pints with friends, and win money?! Rock and Roll Bingo is the only place to be on a Tuesday night.”

The bingo is held in the Elehouse from around 20:00-20:30, and it costs £1 per sheet with two cash prizes with drinks awarded per round. We loved it, so we will see you there again soon!

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