What’s On At UH: Domino’s Free Pizza Party!

Pizza: it’s good. What’s better? Free pizza. What’s even better? Free pizza for a whole term.

Tonight, Cheeky Wednesday will provide its classic rush of jarring lights, pounding tunes and student-worthy drink deals, but will hand its attendees a slice of the good stuff: FREE PIZZA.

But, a night of free pizza is not the only reward for attending tonight. One lucky student has the potential to win a WHOLE TERM of FREE PIZZA. Think of the money saved from groceries; the money saved from typically buying pizza anyway!

Of course, as per usual, Cheeky Wednesday will not be held in just one room: the main arena will be pumping club classics and house, whereas the Attic upstairs will play an onslaught of hip-hop, Afrobeats, Trap and more. Music, food, and alcohol? It’s gonna be a classic house party!

Tickets are still going, but you have got to be quick: no students are going to be turning down an opportunity for free food…

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