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Cheeky Wednesday and Breakout! are hardly the only nights out available to students, and hardly the only ones that allow a budget-friendly alcohol-fest. Another one of the Forum’s very own nights out is Contrast: a weekly show that draws in special guest DJs and overloads its guests with drink deals that rival any night out in London.

This Friday, 17 November, Contrast will take place at the Forum as usual, 10:30 pm to 3:00 am; its music spread between two rooms of pounding RnB, chart hits, Hip Hop and House. Contrast boasts exclusive drink deals like half-price cocktails, £1 shots, and double-up spirits for £1 extra.

However, this night out does have something that makes it a little more of a contrast to other nights (ba-dum-tss) is its dress code: no hats, no hoodies, no workwear and no sportswear. Why this is, The Trident is not sure, but many clubs seem to have similar policies allegedly on the basis of formality — though, reflecting on what goes down in nightclubs, no one is quite sure if the policy makes any sense.

Regardless, it is what it is; and, besides, it is only a little request when one considers the benefits Contrast offers: a nightclub on campus that is cheaper than a night out in London, and one with super-cheap drinks (rum & coke for £2.50? Yessss!)

As with all nights out at the Forum, you can get your tickets in advance when you log in to the Student Union website, costing £5 for entry — the suggested method of entry, mind you, because tickets will sell out! If you are no longer, or are not, a student at UH, simply buy your tickets here for the very same price.

The night is, obviously, 18+; and ID is a requirement at the door. Valid ID includes your passport, your UH Student ID, a UK drivers license or a UK issued Citizenship card.

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