What’s On At UH: Battle of the Campuses, Zombies & Thorpe Park

By Robert Wheatley

This year’s launch of the Battle of the Campuses has been successful so far, but some students might not even know what it is. Because of this, The Trident decided to sit down with the Student Union’s VP of Activities, Rosy Vega, who gave us some insight into the tournaments, and what inspired the competition. It was also the perfect time to find out what the SU also has plans for to finish off this October month, and what is in store for us sounds incredible.

We will be seeing some traditional activities cropping up like pumpkin carving and other classic Halloween stuff, but perhaps the most exciting ones yet will be the upcoming Zombie Laser Tag hosted by the Forum, and a trip to Thorpe Park for Fright Nights. Find out more in our interview below!

Thanks for meeting with me, Rosy. So, what’s the Battle of the Campuses all about, then?

Every year, the SU used to run the Halls League, something quite similar, but when I came into my role as VP I wanted to alter it as it was only available for those actually living in student accommodation. I wanted to try and involve commuters as well, as about 40% of the University of Hertfordshire’s students commute to get to university.

I also realised that every student typically associated themselves with one of the campuses, and that’s how the Battle of the Campuses came about.

How wonderfully considerate. What kind of stuff do you have in store for us, then?

We’re working with the Dean of Students Office, Active Students and the Athletic Union to make Battle of the Campuses even bigger so that those with different interests can find something they would like to get involved in; be it sports; competitive games like tug-of-war or rollerblading; and social events, like Elehouse nights or nights at the Forum.

We’ve got some other amazing stuff going on throughout the year. In Semester A we’ve got a Zombie Laser Tag, Halloween Pumpkin Carving, and stuff around Christmas, too. We’ve also handed out all our Battle of the Campuses shirts just to drive that friendly competition.

At the end of the year, either before or after exam time we’re going to do a big announcement event — Harry Potter style — to declare who won this year’s Battle of the Campuses.

An awesome pumpkin carving made by our very own Shelby Loasby [Credit: Shelby Loasby]

OK, I’ll need to ask about that Zombie Tag later, as that sounds incredible. How should students prepare for the Battle of the Campuses events, then?

It’s all about fun and getting to know other students from their own campus and the other campus, but we do want some friendly competition, too!

Alright, I’ve got to ask: what campus are YOU personally supporting, and why?

It’s difficult because I studied and lived on the de Hav campus for three years, but now that I work on College Lane I think I’m becoming more of a College Lane girl. But, de Hav is in my heart forever, so…

So… who are you really supporting?

Oh, I don’t know… I’ve got to go with de Hav, even though I’m wearing a College Lane shirt. It’s got to be de Hav.

Keep with what’s in your heart, and what raised you.

Although, to me, both campuses are the winners!

Cop out! Out of all the events coming up for the Battle of the Campuses, which one are you looking forward to the most?

Definitely the Zombie Laser Tag. It’s going to be in the Forum on Halloween night, we’re going to have loads of smoke machines and students can have their makeup done to turn themselves into zombies. Whenever I attend these events I go all out with fake blood and contact lenses.

That sounds so good! I really need to go to this. Was it inspired by the Zombie Runs at all?

Absolutely, though this year we had the Colour Run instead, so I wanted to bring back the Zombie theme.

How is the Forum going to be turned into this zombie-killing arena?

A company is coming in and setting up their equipment in the Forum; kind of an inflatable maze inside where actors will be waiting around the corners to scare students.

A bit like the University of Hertfordshire’s very own Thorpe Park-inspired Fright Night then with all the mazes and stuff?

Yeah, that’s what we’re aiming for! We’re actually hosting a trip to Fright Night as well, which you can find out about on the Herts SU website.

For more information on what is taking place this October, and onwards, you can check out the Student Union’s events page.

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