What’s On At UH: Battle of the Campuses begins!

Are YOU prepared to defend your campus? Can you defeat College Lane in a battle of Flip Cup, or can you triumph over De Hav in an extreme, all-you-can-eat chicken nugget challenge? If so, come prove yourself at the launch of the Battle of the Campuses, tomorrow at 7pm at the Elehouse!

As a University of Hertfordshire student living on campus, you’re automatically enrolled into the battle; meaning it could be YOU that declares your side’s victory. Throughout the year the university will be holding various social and sporty events, be it a game of footie or a Soap Box Derby race.

Past events have included BBQs and St. Patricks Day gatherings! [both credits: Herfordshire Students’ Union]

Tomorrow, on the 20th October, however, will be the dawn of the battle! Man vs Food will have students pit against each other to see who can eat the most chicken nuggets in the shortest period of time; whereas the Dizzy Mummy round will have your team try and dress someone up in toilet paper before the other team does — perfect for Halloween!

Of course, that’s not all: a classic Karaoke competition will fit perfectly with the comfortable Elehouse atmosphere, and all this with selected drink discounts if you’re wearing your Battle of the Campus t-shirt.

To get involved, all you need to do is keep track of what events are coming up on the Student Union events list, and bring yourself over. While most events will be free, some will cost, but this is actually to raise money for charity so you’ll be helping those that need it most all the while having fun.

Come along tomorrow to the Elehouse for the launch night, and show your university which campus is the best! You can check out what happened during the one this summer on this video.

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