Welwyn Hatfield youth speak out about antisocial behaviour

By Danielle Smith.

With anti-social behaviour on the rise, Welwyn Hatfield youths speak out about the decline in free youth activities.

A recent survey published completed by YMCA and 2,200 young people suggested that a third of young believed that there were not enough activities going on within the local area to keep them busy.

Throughout Welwyn and Hatfield borough there are 39 free youth activities per week aimed at young people of different ages.

Out of 2,200 young people surveyed, 109 of them admitted to carrying a weapon and 22 per cent of these have socialised with other young people who carry a weapon.

Since the survey findings being released it has been suggested that more free youth activities are to be established within Woodhall area, where most anti-social behaviour has been reported.

Malcolm Cowan, Liberal Democrat councillor for Peartree and Woodhall has said: “This absolutely backs up what we have been saying to council officers, that there must be a much larger range of activities available to young people.”

“The council must ensure it ups its game, working with youth providers in the area. We have waited long enough.”

George, 14-year-old Chair of Welwyn Hatfield’s youth council has said: “It’s really sad to see a small minority of young people behaving in a way which is causing nuisance in the community.”

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