Welwyn Hatfield Healthy Hub website progress since the launch

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

By Aiyana Lowry

Welwyn Hatfield Council launched a new website, on the 11th January 2021, which provides health and wellbeing support to local residents.

The Welwyn Hatfield Healthy Hub is a public health initiative led by Jeanette Hollingsworth. There are several Healthy Hubs across the county which are funded by Hertfordshire Council.

Laura Griffin, the Healthy Hub coordinator said: “We have had lots of new users and a steady flow of returning users which is positive.”

The website is an online one stop shop with the aim to connect Welwyn and Hatfield residents to health, sports and well-being services in their local area. The services include support groups, programmes and courses, online events and advice.

There are several features on the website that help users to navigate their way around it such as age group categories including adults, carers, parents, older generation and young people. By selecting one of the categories, it will show the appropriate services for that group.

The Healthy Hub coordinator addressed that: “We feel there is lots of work to be done on our young person’s section” and that they would value the feedback of students regarding the website.

Ms Griffin furtherly explained that they want the Healthy Hub to be relevant to university students and would be happy to have resources aimed specifically to the university students’ health and wellbeing needs.

Ana Collins, a student at the University of Hertfordshire living on campus said: “I would definitely use the website.Now more than ever as I study away from home. I feel like my mental health has affected me more than it did when I was living at home.”

The university student also added: “I think it would be great for the website to include more resources aimed at students.”

Laura said: “We hope to keep the Hub fresh and interesting and plan to ensure its sustainability through regular consultations with key stakeholders, professionals and residents.”

There are plans for regular Healthy Hub Focus Group meetings throughout the year which aims to discuss and share how the website is progressing and developing. The members of the Focus Groups will also take part in regular surveys.

There are plans for an outreach project to support the most vulnerable people in the community as well as plans for pop up Healthy Hubs.

Welwyn Hatfield Healthy Hub users can sign up to the monthly Healthy Hub Bulletin emails which includes the latest local and national health and wellbeing news, events and training.

Visit Healthy Hub at https://healthyhub.welhat.gov.uk

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