Welwyn Hatfield completes the 10 year challenge

Updated: May 6

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

In recent years, Welwyn Hatfield has changed a lot compared to how it looked ten years ago, back in 2008. The Welwyn Hatfield Times article by Mia Jankowicz gives an insight into how the towns surrounding the University of Hertfordshire have changed over time.

However, Mia Jankowicz has said in the article, that: “Whether the changes are for the better or for the worse is still a matter of debate in some cases”.

Queensway House: 2008

Queensway House: 2018

The Hatfield Development Corporation built the housing block, in 1962 after a New Towns initiative was made, after the war. Since its construction, Queensway has been given new and safer cladding, especially after it got a new look in 2012 and the classing was deemed unsafe in 2015.

The Stanborough Boat Roundabout: 2008

The Stanborough Boat Roundabout: 2019

The Boat has slowly been degrading, since 2007, where it had been better days. This is despite the £6,000 refurbishment, that was assigned to the boat only a few years ago.

Hatfield Train Station: 2008

Hatfield Train Station: 2018

The Train station was a lot smaller and plain, compared to now. The reason behind this is the £9 million refurbishment, given to it, back in 2012.