Wednesday Afternoons Cleared of Lectures

By James Parrett – Contributing Writer

Wednesday afternoons should now be clear of compulsory lectures for undergraduate students, following discussions between the Student Union and University senior management.

The call for changes came as a result of a previous timetable clash between lectures on a Wednesday afternoon and co-curricular activities, such as competitive sports within the Athletic Union. This prevented a number of students from getting involved in the AU’s events and activities, as well as forcing some events or meetings to take place at awkward or unsuitable times.

With Wednesday afternoons now freed up, students should no longer have to worry about missing out on any extra-curricular activities, which can be vital to the student experience.

If you are still having any problems with timetables, such as the recently resolved issue referred to in this article, you should get in touch with the Student Union as soon as possible, so they can work on getting it changed.

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