Wedding Catwalk Show

Krystyna King- Events Secretary

Wednesday 29th October

Located in the picturesque Hatfield House, this show gave the elegance and decadence that it so rightly deserved. A perfect inspiration for Brides to Be and fashion seekers, hosted in the function room, with paintings and tapestries that added to the elite surroundings.

All of the chairs facing the catwalk were decorated with a programme and a lovely goodie bag, lots of perfume samples, sweets and vouchers. The models in the show portrayed characters that would normally be at a wedding, such as the Bride, the Groom, the Mother of the Bride, showcasing beautiful outfits and accessories for a wedding or formal occasion.

The reaction of the audience was positive, as all were taking out their phones to capture each new outfit. The fashion explored many ranges from the pretty and glitzy to the daring and sexy, something for everyone. Some new designers showcased their work this evening such as Jenny Packham & Susanne Neville.

After the show we moved to another function room, with champagne and canopies. It had a wedding reception atmosphere, contributed by the mellow piano music. Many boutiques were circled on the balcony above, all following the wedding theme. Each stand giving a little insight to what they had to offer; chocolate tasting, competitions to enter and more freebies.

Although the event was niched towards engagements and weddings, it was a wonderful idea to showcase brands and businesses, in a memorable and exciting manner.

Let us know what you thought about St Albans Fashion Week!

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