We asked students for their weirdest habits and this is what we found

[Aiden Perrins | Contributing writer]

People are weird. Some people do odd things like try to sing a song backwards, and some people put the milk in a cup of tea before anything else like some sort of psychopath. Being weird is the same as being wonderful from my point of view. We have our small moments of individuality which can seem weird to others, but it’s what makes us all excellent.

A weird habit is often a difficult thing to think of on the spot, but I guarantee if you ask anyone close to you they could write an essay on how weird you are, references and all. If anything, the weirdest thing of all would be if you had no weird thing about you.

I am a very weird person, as you can see I dislike anything that is asymmetrical, which includes the leaning tower of Piza and people who eat an odd number of weetabix. That is not a normal thing, that is a crazy, OCD thing. I’m not a crazy sociopath (probably), but my point is that we should embrace our weirdness because it is sometimes brilliant as demonstrated by these students.

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