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On Friday 4th March at 12pm, voting officially opened for Hertfordshire SU Elections 2016. As of midnight Sunday, total figures stood at 1066 voters with 5685 votes cast between them.  

Campaigning began for SU Elections candidates at 6pm Thursday 3rd March after the Candidates Briefing with the Elections Team – a discussion on what campaigning means for elections candidates and a general meet and greet for everyone.

As campaigning went live immediately after the meeting, a whirlwind of candidates flocked to the Forum foyer to plaster promotional posters and flyers across the windows in a bid for students’ support. In addition, the evening saw De Havilland Atrium coated in a layer of campaigning material from the first floor and along The Street to the LRC.

SU Elections candidates will be campaigning all week up until Friday 11th March at 2pm in order to secure students’ votes. So far the Elections Team has filmed and interviewed a selection of candidates, investigating the hows and whys of their manifestos and their reasons for running in the SU elections. In addition, Friday night saw a selection of candidates in Ele House campaigning for votes, including members of slates, Show Herts, UNIte, Ace of Herts and OneUH.

Herts students should keep an eye out all week for candidates’ campaigns. Candidates manifestos are available to read on the SU website in order for students to make an informed decision on their vote.

To vote, visit this link and click ‘vote now’ to go through the roles. Students should list candidates in order of preference.

Need persuading to vote? After voting closes, students who have voted will receive a voucher for a free Union gift, and be entered in a prize draw to win a pair of Summer Ball tickets.

There are other perks available, too, regarding discounts in Ele House for the Results Party on Friday 11th March at 6pm. If there are over 3000 voters, drinks will have 30 per cent off; over 4000 voters, 40 per cent off; and over 5000 voters, 50 per cent off.

See this video for more information on how to vote.

Seen any fantastic campaigns this week, tweet us @TridentMediaUK #HERTSSUVOTE

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