Volleyball: Could it be the next big sport in England?

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[Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor] Volleyball is overshadowed in England as a sport due to our overwhelming, very British, interest in Football, Rugby, Cricket and Golf. If you were to ask Europeans which sports are predominantly followed and played in the UK, their answer would be the four listed above.

Volleyball is not associated with the British way of life. This is mostly because volleyball is wrongly associated with Beach Volleyball, which is a sport played in counties with nicer beaches, and a warmer climate than ours. However there is a difference between Beach Volleyball and Volleyball – a quite obvious one – and due to our lack of what can be termed ‘the typical European climate’ there is a lack of desire to play and interest in the sport here in the UK.

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Volleyball to Europeans is like Rounders to us. Played in parks or on beaches, for us it’s normally in the one week of sun we have in the Summer. What you probably didn’t know is that there is a National Governing Body for Volleyball in England; which looks to promote, engage and deliver the sport around the country. And since the London 2012 Olympics there has been a rise in interest of this sport, due to the media coverage that surrounded this event.

This sport has many health benefits as well as being quite a lot of fun! Playing Volleyball for 45 minutes can burn up to 585 calories, states Norma Chew for Livestrong.com, which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It is also known for improving your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and circulation.

It’s time we showed the rest of Europe what we are made of! If you are interested in playing for fun or joining a club please visit hertsvolleyball.co.uk for information on the various fixtures and teams in the area! It is a great sport to keep you fit over summer while we are free from studying, and don’t forget to join the Athletic Union Volleyball Club when we start a university again this September! Also if you know anyone aged 11-18 they can play Volleyball in Welwyn Garden City from July 24th – August 28th, for more information visit Herts Sports Partnership.


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