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On Saturday 4th October The Forum Hertfordshire was once again graced with the presence of punk rock legends Wheatus. After another awesome gig of Wheatus’ greatest hits, the band came out into the crowd for a beer and catch up with fans. We were able to grab a few words from Brenden B. Brown, lead, William Tully, drums, and Miss Eaves and MC Frontalot, who are currently touring with Wheatus.

First up, Brenden B.Brown. BlueMoon: Firstly, why did you come back to UH?

Brenden Brown: “We finally get to do our laundry! Trust me, after being on our tour bus you would understand. But honestly, this is one of the best rooms in the country – one of the best concert halls in all of England. Yeah, it has a really great PA system and stage and everything. The crowd is always really nice. This is a really musical place.”

BM: What about Margate – that’s where you got attacked by a fan – could you elaborate on that?

BB: “Well we were playing the one direction song (What makes you beautiful), and this old sorta punky guy got angry about it and tried to get at me.”

BM: So he just jumped up on stage and went for you?

BB: “Haha yeah. He was pretty pathetic actually.”

BM: Well I guess there’s no hard feelings – you wrote a song about it?

BB: “Yeah it was an interesting night. The song (Only You) was actually recorded with Josh Devine and Sandy Beales from One Direction’s band. So yeah thanks for the song jerk!”

BM: So how did you guys start? Where did it all begin?

BB: “Wow. Well the first gig I ever played in my hometown New York was CBGBs. That was like when I was 19. And then fast forward from that point, through a lot of different bands, up until about ’93. And then way down the line in ’97 we started playing as Wheatus.”

BM: How many bands were you in before?

BB: “Like 4? And then Wheatus started in ’95 but it was just me and a port track at the time. There were no band members and I wrote the whole first album by myself. And then got some guys on board. After that, fast forward to ’97, we started routinely playing in New York. And then 3 years later we got a record deal with Columbia and we played CBGBs again, opening for Joey Ramone. Yeah, about a year before he died. So those are like the bullet points of our early times.”

After talking with Brown we were able to catch drummer, William Tully, on his way to the bar. Tully is the newest member of Wheatus, joining just two years ago. He was just 12 years old when ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ was first released and made it clear to us that he could not answer any of the serious questions.

BM: We saw you play last year, what made you want to come back to UH?

William Tully: “Yeah that was the biggest show I had played until Hyde Park this summer. So this place is very dear to me. As for what made me come back, I’m just the drummer. I go where I’m told man. Half the time I don’t even know what town I’m in. I just set up, play the drums, kick some ass, make sure everybody’s having a good time, and then have fun myself.”

BM: We have to ask – Why did you play barefoot?

WT: “Depends on my mood. Today the shower I took was a little bit longer than I expected back in the green room, and I was like ‘Oh damn we’re on in like 15 minutes.’ So I was like I guess just shorts and barefoot is the answer today. It was also laundry day, that’s why I’m wearing shorts. My outfit is never really thought out. I’m wearing clothes, or I’m not wearing clothes. Today I decided to wear a shirt. Sometimes I don’t. I haven’t worked out in a couple of days.”

BM: What’s your favourite song to play live?

WT: “‘Hey, Mr Brown.’ It’s really fast, but the verses are kinda like Hip Hop [Tully then proceeds to hum drum noises]. I get hip hop sexy in the verse and then the chorus comes round and I get to go all punk rock and hit things.”

BM: What’s your favourite drunk food to eat?

WT: “I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t like Indian food and that’s all your late night stuff – Indian and bad pizza. I’m from New York City…”

A couple of fans had previously ran over to see Tully and decided to join in with the interview.

Fan 1: “…Hot dogs are the best!”

WT: “Hot dogs? Like you’re there on a deserted Island, one food, and you pick hot dog? Right lets interview everyone else. One food, desert island.”

Fan 2: “I have to go with hot dogs or pizza.”

WT: “Seriously? How do you stay in shape?  This is ridiculous. To be 18 again. I eat three pieces of candy and I’m chubby. I had to do extra crunches because I had a Cadbury Crème Egg in the back.”

The conversation continued like this for some time and ended with Tully learning about roast dinners and inviting himself to a fan’s house on Sunday to try one. Wheatus then continued to the bar to grab some drinks and to take more than their fair share of selfies with fans.

We were also able to have a quick chat with Miss Eaves and MC Frontalot, two Brooklyn based rap artists. They shared how honoured they were to be touring with such a legendary band in a series of dates throughout the month, up and down the country.

If you caught Wheatus at The Forum or one of their other shows, let us know what you thought!

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