University of Hertfordshire Students Skydive for charity!

By Aiyana Lowry

University of Hertfordshire students raise £9748 by skydiving 13,000 feet at Hinton Skydive Centre on the 2nd June 2021.

Isabelle Skelly, the chair of Herts Raise and Give said: " I wanted to set up a skydive because I wanted to prove that there was more to fundraising than just bucket collections.”

Endeavours Adventures helped to organise the charity skydive and 22 students took part.

The money raised was split between Herts Raise and Give’sthree chosen charities including:

REACT- Rapid Effective Assistance for Children with potentially Terminal illness is a dynamic charity working to improve the quality of life for children with life-limiting illnesses living in financially disadvantaged households throughout the UK.

Ronald McDonald House Charities UK - Provides free accommodation to families with children having treatment in hospital. This means families can be just moments away from their child’s bedside on the hospital ward.

Women for Women International - Works at the critical intersection of women and conflict providing skills, knowledge, and resources that create sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities.

Abhinav Balaji, an Aerospace Systems Engineering student who was the team leader for the event said: “Coordinating a fundraiser in the middle of a pandemic is kind of a nightmare… but worth it.”

Furtherly sharing: “All my life I've lived in a middle-classhouse in India, and just in my city I have seen people with nothing, who live in mangled tents and toil hard all day to earn less than £1 a day. It truly is heart-breaking that some people just have the misfortune of being born into a situation that is so clearly inhuman, yet I have found that they are more human than any of us. It makes me happy that I can do something, however little it is, to help someone get out of that state of poverty and give them an opportunity to improve their lives.”

Wesley Padfield, a first year Criminal Justice and Criminology student said: “Skydiving is something I’d never have even thought would ever come around especially during the global pandemic.”

Padfield raised £600 exceeding the £395 he initially set out to raise. He raised money through several methods such as leg waxing where people would pay for a strip, t-shirt writing, personal merchandise, and donations from friends.

Furtherly adding: “The skydive was extremely adrenaline-rushing. It properly hits you when you’re 13,000ft in the air and you also see others fall out and drop like a brick. It finally hits you and the fear immediately converts to enjoyment and embracing/living the moment you could only dream of.”

The chair of Raise and Give shared that there will be another skydive event next year as well as more events therefore encourages students to keep updated on the Herts Raise and Give social media and keep an eye out at Freshers.

Finally adding: “I’m so proud of everyone who took part - for many this was their first-time fundraising, so it was so amazing to see people get so creative with the way they raised the money.”

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