University of Hertfordshire student creates free mobile app “Shell Island”

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Taranjit Matharu, a final year automotive student, has created the app “Shell Island”, a free game available on Apple and Android platforms.

While Taranjit came up with the original conception of the game and is responsible for marketing, he is joined by friend Nicolass Mayroleon and brother Gurminder Matharu, who are responsible for the graphics and programming. The team have formed the company Ovam Entertainment, and hope to create more apps and video games in the future.

“The app is actually part of a long term plan for our futures,” Taranjit said. “We’ve all worked and understand the difficulties of full time employment, and we decided to form a company.”

Taranjit and Nicolass are both “enthusiastic gamers” and Shell Island was their fifth game idea, but the simplest one to make.

Shell Island

Once they had formed the concept of the game, they asked Taranjit’s brother to join them for the development. Taranjit said: “It’s been all development work since then, and even now that the game is released we’re still busy developing updates.”

Since the launch in mid-January, the game has had just under 1,000 downloads, says Taranjit.

So why should you play Shell Island?

“Because it’s fun!” Taranjit said. “It’s a really simple, free game that anyone can play. Great for when you’re travelling or even bored at home. After you try it once, it becomes rather addictive.”

Shell Island is a simple side-scroller game, with bright colours and whimsical animations, reminiscent of childhood arcade memories. There are also leaderboards to compete with friends and worldwide, (I paled in comparison to the current record of over 500m!), and many new updates coming soon, such as character customisation.

If you think you’ve got an idea for an app, Taranjit advises two options.

  1. Break down the app into separate sections and decide what the graphics and programming needs are, and then find someone to fulfil those needs, such as freelancer or friends and family.

  2. Find a developer and put together a solid proposal about your idea.

“There are many companies, but there are also many, many ideas, so don’t be disheartened if you find it difficult,” he said. “At Ovam Entertainment we’re open to developing others ideas, but you’ll need to prove to us you have a good idea and the drive to see it through.”

You can download Shell Island now from the Play Store or iTunes App Store. Have a go and let us know what you think @TridentMediaUK!

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