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University Active Students wins Guardian Award for Student Experience

Mercedes Brazier | Sports Sub Editor]

The University won the Guardian Award for Student Experience for Active Students, which falls into the category of “innovative project or initiative that has positively enhanced the university experience for students – in their academic lives or personal wellbeing.”

Active Students has been a part of the University for over three years, running a number of sports and programmes to increase the number of students actively partaking in sports.  This programme has helped a number of students not only with something to do in the evenings (Bootcamps is a good’n!) but has also enabled them to meet new people and build friendships.

The Netball and Football tournaments have enabled people from all walks of life to get together for a small amount of time, and play something they love, or something that is completely new to them. They have also helped students cope with the physical and mental stresses of university life, and it has been a huge success with near enough 900 students participating each week in a range of sports from burlesque dance to basketball.

The project is run by a project manager and up to 12 students, known as activators, who organise the activities and encourage student to participate. They have recently promoted their programmes and healthy living by giving out bananas outside of the de Hav LRC with quotes and jokes written on them for a bit of fun! The activators are students, just like ourselves, who have a passion for sports. Some have been involved from a young age, and their passion has grown from that, others have joined the Athletic Union Teams at the university, and their dedication to those teams has made them want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with us!

Active Students have recently gone that one step further in their attempts to get students involved in new and exciting things, by giving students the opportunity to participate in a number of activities outside of the Campuses such as Skiing, Boxing in Welwyn Garden City and many more! Visit for their full range of activites, timetables and plenty of information.

Contributing writers from Universe have been going to a number of Active Student Sessions and reporting on how they were, and why you should participate, to read the reviews from students such as yourselves visit the Sports page of

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