Ultimate Colour Fest – University of Hertfordshire Students’ Union

It was a fairly early start to my Saturday, as I came in from North London to take part of the Colour Run. But who doesn’t want little pockets of corn starch colours thrown at you on an Autumn morning while you run over, under and through things?

The energy at 10:30am was a mixture of rearing to go and a little sluggish before the start line. Annabel, the Vice President of Active Students, rounded up the troops and had us doing jumping jacks, running on the spot, wriggling, wiggling and shaking off the crisp morning blues to some blaring tunes. At 11am we were engulfed in a waft of purple and orange. The signal was given- we were off. The Freshers’ Angels played devil’s advocate and were standing by to ambush those passing through the obstacle course with colours. There were a range of challenges with varying difficulty, such as the tyre run; crawling through hay tunnels, jumping over poles, running up and over haystacks and so much more, all while being pummelled with paint. It was awesome – not to mention you got cool glasses to protect your eyes, a goodie bag and a free shirt. Winning. It was no Tough Mudder, and some people did two laps, but it was a lot of fun. It would be great if they offered 3K, 5K and 10K runs. I personally needed more of a challenge, but that being said there were Fresher vagabonds out there that managed to run it with a hangover. It was a great way to warm up the body, get really dirty and go home for a well deserved shower. Defiantly recommend this for next year!

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