UH Pharmacy students named as Student Champions for RPS event

Image: Tadeh Tahmasi

[Laura Slingo – News Editor]

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has taken on board two talented University of Hertfordshire Pharmacy academics to be their Student Champions.

The RPS is a well distinguished association for pharmacists and pharmacy in Britain with the aim to uphold and continue pharmacy as a valued profession for its members.

This year, it decided to host the first of many Student Champion schemes whereby two academics from Pharmacy schools within universities across the country attend the RPS headquarters in London for an exclusive training session. Herts Uni proudly nominated Shivani Singhania and Tadeh Tahmasi to participate.

Image: Tadeh Tahmasi

The UH students confirmed that the event fully endorsed its prestigious reputation covering everything from information about RPS, development skills vital to pharmacy students, topics in the news related to their field, and even answered personalised questions from the students themselves.

Tahmasi writes about his experience:

“The President of the RPS, Mr Ashok ‘Ash’ Soni OBE FRPharmS, answered many of our questions, including the main question that is worrying pharmacy students: ‘Is pharmacy too saturated?’ As expected, he answered the question on point, expanding on plans for the future regarding a stronger focus on utilising talented and professional pharmacists in the right areas.”

The UH Student Champions confirmed that this specialised event was extremely beneficial. Singhania explained: “Not only did we discover how other students in pharmacy were learning, but this event also developed our understanding of and built on our networking skills for the sector.”

Image: Tadeh Tahmasi

The RPS event has certainly prepared students for their future careers in pharmacy and has equipped them with knowledge to share amongst their fellow academics in their respective universities.

Tahmasi comments: “As well as being a great addition to the CV, we have been trained to give presentations to our fellow students that will include comprehensive feedback about the event and the skills learnt. This valuable knowledge can then be utilised appropriately once in the working world.”

Saying that this event was extremely advantageous couldn’t ring more true. Singhania sums up her learning experiences perfectly: “I have learnt a lot that will help me… things that will make a lot of difference in the future and things that I want my fellow course mates to know, which is why I’m so passionate about delivering this presentation to them.”

After such a successful experience, there could not be a better word to describe these students as anything but champions.

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