UH Futsal goes the extra mile for charity

[Aimone Sharif |Sports Manager]

After two successful charity events, the University of Hertfordshire Futsal Team decided to take it up a notch and go the extra mile for charity (or should I say an extra hundred miles?!) On Wednesday 27th of January, the cyclists meet at 8.00am to start a laborious journey from Hatfield to Brighton that can only be possible through teamwork and perseverance

Let’s face it, it’s that period of the year where it’s barely light at 7.00am, it’s freezing cold outside and everyone just wants to stay under those warm layers Netflixing by themselves. But for Luҫas Nettleford and Ramon Pineiro, that way of life is too mainstream; so they decided to cycle from Hatfield to Brighton for a good cause in the most horrendous conditions, just because.


“From the first time the Bike ride was mentioned, I wanted to do it! It sounded challenging, and I love pushing myself to the limit. The fact that I could help others through it made it a win-win situation.” declares Ramon.

Covered in mud from head to toe, tired and hungry, we meet them in Watford for their first pit stop.  They have already cycled for two hours through muddy forests, hills and bumpy roads but that was the easy part, and just the beginning.  As we venture in the beauty and warmth of a toy store and enjoy our car ride between girls, the boys set off again at 10.30am for Wembley and Twickenham where we meet them again.

twickenham rugby

Throughout their journey, their chosen stops are sports landmarks just to make it a little bit more interesting and challenging; Epsom Downs’s racecourse followed by Twickenham stadium, home of English rugby. From Epsom, the final destination is Brighton Pier, which they reach after five hours of cycling from the latter.


“Seeing the Pier in the dark, realising we had made it to the finish line was the best feeling ever! Great sense of achievement!” explains Luҫas. After cycling for 11.45hrs they have finally made it, drained, hungry but extremely happy and proud of themselves and each other. When asked what the biggest challenge has been, Lucas explains: “Going up that last hill to reach Brighton was a killer, my legs were going to give way but I didn’t want to quit!” For Ramon, the biggest challenge was the weather, with the rain and freezing cold, making every stride a painful effort.


The boys have given their all to raise money for their chosen charities! There is still time to help them raise the desired amount and make a change in someone’s life! If you would like to help sponsor them, go online at: gofundme.com/uhfutsalbikeride or visit their Facebook page: University of Hertfordshire Futsal Club. All the money raised goes to Cardiac Risks in the Young, Multiple Sclerosis Society and UH’s Raise and Give Organisation.

Any donation is welcome; every little helps!

All images: Aimone Sharif

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