UH Campus Football: Another year awaits.

[Charlie Pearson | Sports Editor]

For the last five years The University of Hertfordshire has been running UH Campus Football, an inter-university football programme set up to allow students to play in a league format throughout their time at university.

UH Campus football offers a variety of different games, including 6-a-side and 11-a-side football, as well as Futsal – 5-a-side football played indoors.

The wide variety of competitions available allows more students to get involved and enjoy playing with friends and people they know, whilst at the same time experiencing the competitive nature of a league set-up.

As a captain of a Campus Football team myself last year, (unwittily named Hangover 96) I would highly recommend getting involved to any student who is keen on playing football, though I certainly cannot claim organising a team is stress-free!

Internationals going home, players leaving and a number of other things has led to us only currently having 7 players committed to signing on!

So with the deadline to submit teams being next Friday 16th October, the next week, for myself at least, is going to be focused on recruiting new players and trying to build a team to improve on last year’s rather disappointing 5th place finish!

Whilst I am moaning about barely having half a squad, some other teams most likely have even less players than that, or quite possibly there are some teams who have not even been formed yet!

Get Into Football Day is an event which is dedicated to players finding teams for all of the different formats, 6-a-aside, 11-a-side and Futsal, and even for players to create their own teams for the semester ahead.The event takes place this coming Wednesday 14th October, on the De Havilland outdoor pitches, with 11-a-side running between 12.30pm and 3pm, and 6-a-side 3.30pm-6pm.

Get Into Football Day is open to all students, even if they do not wish to sign up afterwards. And, for myself and other captains especially, it will be an ideal opportunity to add to the squad!

So if you are an avid team captain or player, or even if you are just looking to have a kick about, then Get Into Football Day is the place for you to be this Wednesday.

Any questions regarding Campus Football or Get Into Football Day, contact James Tierney on 01707 281176 or j.tierney2@herts.ac.uk, or visit the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/UHCampusfootball.

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