Type Two Diabetics needed for Self Help Groups

[Oliver Price | Contributing Writer]

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes or care for someone who does? The East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, in conjunction with Diabetes UK are setting up help groups of 25-30 people each across Hatfield and Welwyn for Type 2 Diabetes sufferers called Type 2 Together. These groups will help sufferers and carers with lifestyle issues, medication, complications and anything else to help control diabetes. East and North Herts CCG need to recruit 50 volunteers with Type 2 diabetes or care for someone with Type 2 to help lead these groups as a “facilitator”, for the other members of the group. As a facilitator, you will receive special training from Diabetes UK to be able to properly educate the rest of the group. There would also be a health professional to support the running of the group.

The decision to set up these groups was made after the Ratfid Study (which was conducted at Edenbridge Hospital), presented evidence that people who went through the groups had improved in “some of the markers of good diabetes control”, according to Dr Gerry McCabe, including better blood pressure control compared to control groups. This means that the groups aren’t just about sufferers and carers feeling more supported, but actually clinically improving their lives. On the back of this evidence, the charity Diabetes UK managed to secure government funding. Unfortunately, this was not enough to fund the project on its own, so the E&NHCCG has also provided additional funding the help start the project.

If you interested in volunteering, attending one of the Type 2 Together groups, or simply want to know more about the programme, then please contact Diabetes UK at: 0345 123 399 or Type2Together@diabetes.org.uk . The next training session for volunteers Friday 28th of November.

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