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Try Something New, Try Park Run

By Aimone Sharif- Head of Editorial

Do you like running? Want to keep fit? Or would like to be part of a community led program? Come join us at Park Run every Saturday morning for a 5kms race, jog or walk according to your taste.

Park Run was created in the UK in 2004 and is now an international running scheme, hosted in 14 countries including France, Canada, Singapore, and The Netherlands. All you need to do is register once on the Park Run website, and after each race your time will feature when you check your account. Your account tracks the races that you have run, and enables you to win freebies such as t-shirts and jumpers. You can participate in races all over the world, it will all count!

Park Runs are free to run, and a good way to get close to your community. As students, we live in a student centred world with no community connections; Park Run enables you to meet like-minded people from different backgrounds. Park Run is all about inclusivity and wellbeing, it doesn’t not matter how long you take to run, what you wear, what matters is that you are taking part.

Carrie Hudson, running coordinator and founder of Oh Ladies Hatfield Running Club, explains in an interview how Park Run is accessible to all: “Everyone can try it out, run it, jog it, walk it, but if you want to volunteer and help out that way we would love to have you around!”

Park Run Volunteers, Picture taken by Park Run participant 

Park Run Volunteers. Credit: Park Run participant 

Volunteers are the core of Park Run, if volunteers weren’t here to help, Park run would not exist and it would not be free. Volunteers enjoy the Park Run experience just as much the participants; 70-year-old Paul explains how his son took him a few years ago to a local run and as his knee replacement didn’t enable him to participate, he started volunteering and has yet to miss a race since. “Seeing people accomplish the distance is something I am grateful to be part of, it makes me feel useful and I feel I help them achieve their goals,” he explains.

Active Students, an on-campus sporting organisation, encourages students to participate in this free sporting activity by giving out free collectable stamps to go towards a free t-shirt and a jumper. Saturday at 9am behind De Havilland campus on Ellenbrook fields, everyone is welcome to participate and cheer if you are still hanging from Contrast from the night before.

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