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By Fakorede Wuraola

Sleeplessness is one of the major problems for students, as we go through our daily activities from course works and deadlines. We get on with activities at the detriment of our sleep. We work overnight just to make sure we meet deadlines, and it can be stressful which most often leads to depression and isolation, these two are the dreadful illness among the youth. To overcome this and to have control over our sleep, I will introduce Calm- meditation and sleep App to you which I have tried out and is very effective.

Calm App is an application designed for sleep, Meditation and Relaxation  by was founded Alex Tew & Michael Acton Smith in 2012 and designed by a small team who are passionate about mental fitness, relaxation and sleep. This is a perfect mindfulness app for every individual in the society and their mission is to make the world happier and healthier, is free to download but required a paid subscription to upgrade into Calm Premium for an awesome and life changing experience, Calm creates unique audio content that strengthens mental fitness and tackles some of the biggest mental health challenges of today: stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The calm premium gives access to over 100 hours of special content, including an ever-growing library of advanced meditations, soothing Sleep Stories, calming nature scenes, a breathing tool and Calm Masterclasses.

Calm features a 10-minute meditation called ‘The Daily Calm,’ that creates atmosphere to inquire a new mindset, ideas and new concepts daily. Also it has over 120 Sleep Stories (bedtime stories for grown-ups), plus sleep music, meditation lessons, nature sounds, videos, multi-day programs and Calm Masterclasses delivered by world experts.

Calm Music is one of the amazing parts of Calm, a music streaming platform with calming music and sounds organised into four: Focus, Relax, Sleep and Nature Melodies. Sleep Stories takes us back to a simpler mental state and let the brain relax and prepare for a deep rest. Each Sleep Story is about thirty minutes in length and contains original content created by the Calm team, as well as several classic tales by well-known authors. They’re read in a very soothing tone and carefully designed to ease and lull the mind — just as bedtime stories do to us when we were young.

In March 2015, Calm launched a book with Penguin by the same name which quickly became a bestseller in the UK and received rave reviews upon its launch in the US the following year. It has since been translated and sold in over a dozen countries globally including China, Taiwan, Germany, France, and Spain.

Other features of the app ( in liwhich work inline with the masterclasses) I will like you to explore because has a positively influence life which I’m sure can contributes greatly to your personal life as you journey through your daily activities.

Sleep Journal

Explore what supports your slumber and what hijacks your sleep.

Mindful Living Calendars is designed with Daily challenges to deepen our mindfulness practice and help us learn more about our life.

Calm Intention Cards

Are journal like cards created by the team, a way to intentionally cultivate the qualities that support each other, showing up for ourselves and others, in ways that feel nourishing and meaningful

Calm Intention Guidebooks

A guidebook about how to prioritize sleep, exploring meditation or changing a habit, these journals will help you discover the small, doable shifts that will add up to more profound changes

Gratitude Tooklit

this toolkit is for you to explore some additional gratitude exercise sand practices offered by Tamara Levitt. As she recommends, try different ones, experiment to see what works, and forge a daily habit of expressing and feeling gratefulness. Enjoy!

Discovering Happiness Journal

Use this journal to help you integrate the happiness habits outlined in Shawn Achor’s Discovering Happiness Masterclass and explore your happiness.

Creative Living Beyond Fear Journal

Use this journal as a tool to reflect on the teachings and exercises presented in the Creative Living Beyond Fear Calm Masterclass.

Mindful Eating Journal

Explore and shift your relationship with food with our Mindful Eating Journal.

Mindfulness Journal

Writing prompts for reflection, contemplation and gratitude. Plus bonus pictures to color mindfully!

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