Trident Media Award Winners 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the first Trident Media Awards!

Print (UniVerse and BlueMoon)

Best Entertainment Article: 50 things better than 50 Shades of Grey by Charlotte Mullin Runners up: If you have the personality of a breezeblock, please don’t go on The Voice by Brad Johnson Weird and Wonderful Words by Krystyna King

Best Lifestyle Article: 20 things I’d rather do than finish my dissertation by Laura Noakes Runners up: 7 crazy sex facts from around the world by Shelby Loasby BlueMoon recipes by Chloe Burrowes

Best Innovation Article: 7 weird things people Google by Shelby Loasby Runners up: Tackling the issues behind porn and technology by Aimone Sharif A healthy dose of science by Kat Clements

Best Sports Article: 5 minute yoga routine by Jennie Couling Runners up: Campus football kick off by Matt Creasey Women and Cycling Pro Tours by Sofia Rosidi

Best News Article: General Election Live by Brad Johnson Runners up: Herts lowest cost accommodation rises by 24% by Oliver Price Ridgeview – Are some students being overlooked? by Kealie Mardell and Brad Johnson

Best Feature Article: Is deHav being forgotten? by Shelby Loasby Runners up: Sexism at University by Kealie Mardell Should we be a part of the NUS? by Chloe Burrowes and Jennie Couling

Editor of the Year | Shelby Loasby

Best Feature Article | Shelby Loasby

Writer of the Year: Charlotte Mullin Runners up: Jennie Couling and Matt Creasey

Editor of the Year: Shelby Loasby Runners up: Emma Langshied and Laura Noakes

Article of the year: 50 things better than 50 Shades of Grey by Charlotte Mullin

Article of the Year | 50 things better than 50 Shades of Grey

Thank you to the Student Publication Association committee for their votes!

Crush Radio and Crush Underground

Best Specialist Show – Country On Crush (Gage Holding + Hannah Wileman) Best Underground Show – The Wave on KSQR (Shervin Nakhjavani) Best Crush Show – 2 Divas and a Ginger (Chloe Burrowes, Lloyd Henley, Ed Fisher) Best External Broadcast Event – Bank Holiday Monday Madness Best Radio Feature – The Weather & Travel (Dan & Sam’s Drivetime Crush) Most Dedicated to Crush – Robert Gammon Most Improved – Culture Shock on Crush (Hannah Reading) Producer of the Year – Glen Finlay (Breakfast in Bed) Presenter(s) of the year AND Best Double Act – Gammon & Joe’s Notorious (Robert Gammon + Joe Magin)

Producer of the Year

Producer of the Year | Glen Finlay


Best Show Idea – UH Mass Debates: Oliver Price Best Blooper ReelHSU Elections Day 2 Part 1: Alexander Howarth Best Trident News Presenter – Minna Hansson Runner-up Best Presenter – Kieran Burman Most Under the Thumb Member – Jacob Beckingham-Wells Most Meetings Attended – Brooke Doughorty Best Chef – Marie Andersen Best Logo Design – The Student Chef: Kat Clements Best Nickname – Aiden “Lea &” Perrins Biggest Posho – Jacob Beckingham-Wells Best Cameraperson – Ken Ishido Best Editor – Alexander Howarth Best Committee Member – Kieran Burman

Committee Member of the Year | Kieran Burman

Best Committee Member | Kieran Burman

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