Trident Media Alumni Association meets Valentina Terrinoni

A chance to meet the past members of Trident Media, across print, radio and TV at Hertfordshire Students’ Union.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, my name is Valentina Terrinoni. I graduated from UH in 2013 with BA (Hons) English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing and I’m currently studying an MA in Creative Writing. My passions are reading, writing and editing.

Trident Media Alumni | Valentina Terrinoni

When were you involved with student media?

I was involved with student media from the start of my second year at Hertfordshire in 2010; I wrote a couple of features for BlueMoon magazine and was Deputy Editor of UniVerse until I took over as Editor-in-Chief in 2011.

Why did you decide to join?

I decided to join student media for several reasons. I loved to write, but I hadn’t been involved in journalism and I wanted to extend my skills there. I also wanted to meet new people and be involved in a society, and this seemed the best fit for me. I became far more involved in student media than I ever intended to, and it set me up on the path I am now!


Where are you now?

I’m currently working full time at the University of Hertfordshire, after successfully completing a graduate scheme here. I have also just launched my own online literary magazine, Scrittura Magazine, alongside two fellow UH graduates, and I’m very passionate and excited about the potential this has.

How has student media helped you develop your career?

Student media entirely led me to where I am now. From joining student media, to becoming the Editor-in-Chief of UniVerse, I gained so many new skills. It wasn’t an easy job, especially alongside full time study, but the skills and experience I gained were invaluable, as well as igniting a passion for me.

I strongly believe my role as Editor made me stand out in interviews, and led me to a position as a Communications Assistant, which in turn led me to a position as a Marketing Assistant. None of which I would have done if I had not been involved in student media.

Also, being part of something which continues after you leave it provides you with a small legacy. For example, I introduced certain features within the newspaper which are still around now, such as the Study Abroad blog, which brings me a great sense of pride, and provides me with something tangible to show for my time at University.

What advice would you give to current students?

I would advise students to get involved in a society, any society that most appeals to you – for the people you meet, the skills you gain and the experiences that it brings you. Through student media I met some great friends, invoked a passion, made valuable contacts, and increased my employability ten-fold. It really was one of the best things I did at University.

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