Travel Time: My Trip To Tokyo DisneySea!

By Robert Wheatley

This article was originally created for The Odyssey Online and has been modified by the author.

This summer I went to Tokyo with my sister, and it was an incredible experience. Japan’s a wonderful country with amazing hospitality and a ton of things to do, even if you’re sticking to the capital, and it provides many attractions and sights you won’t get anywhere else. It’s not a cheap trip, by any means, but it’s a country absolutely worth a visit.

A street in Shibuya, Tokyo [Credit: Robert Wheatley]

Tokyo city [Credit: Robert Wheatley]

It’s not just unique for its scenic landscapes, delicious food and culture: it’s also the only place you can visit one of Disney’s most remarkable theme parks: Tokyo DisneySea.

Inspired by the ocean and legends surrounding it, Tokyo DisneySea is a monumental attraction full of exceptional rides and theming that truly makes it one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting. Disney Tourist Blog writer, Tom Bricker, actually cites Tokyo Disneyland as the second best out of all the Disney parks, because it boasts incredible takes on original Disney attractions and has unique but effective transportation like Venetian gondolas and electric trams.

[Credit: Robert Wheatley]

Tower of Terror [Credit: Robert Wheatley]

[Credit: Robert Wheatley]

As soon as you enter, you’re met with the beautiful facade of the Hotel MiraCosta: an Old-world Italian-inspired building that sits right inside the park. A huge globe ‘floats’ in the plaza, overlooked by Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

[Credit: Robert Wheatley]