Travel Time: Kicking back in Kerkennah

By Ricky Reader.

Have you ever sat back and thought how far from home have I been? Well for me, it is the Kerkennah islands off the east coast of Tunisia, Northern Africa.

Averaging temperatures of a scorching 23 to 32 degrees Celsius in June and falling, but not by much, to a comfortable 20 to 28 degrees Celsius in October. This country not only brings the heat but also some of the most glorious tans to behold.  And when you can’t bear to take the heat any more all you have to do is run on over to the sea and dive right in, though do not do what I almost did and dive right onto a jellyfish. the sting would certainly send a shock to your system.

However, you don’t have to worry about them if you are out there in the winter months only in a Kerkennah summer do these creatures bob on the surface of the Mediterranean.

Kerkennah has the most beautiful sunsets When I was out there I took pictures of the sunset once per day and I printed them out when I got back home and gave them to my family as presents.

When I went to this island I stayed in my Nans villa which had a pool shaped like an apple and a palm tree throwing shade over the deep end. Which is where you would often find me hiding from the rays of the sun. When I wasn’t hiding in the pool I would be swimming in the sea building sand castles and kissing camels.

That’s right Kissing Camels.

We were travelling to the market once a day, in the car that my grandad rented every time we would go over to Kerkennah. It always smelled the same, of a sweaty musk. We always had our windows rolled down. On this day we happened to bump into one of my nan’s friends, who happened to live on the island and he had with him one of his camels. As we stopped to say hello, this great big head of fluff and spit came barging into the back of our car, scaring the life out of my little sister before resting on my lap. I didn’t know what to do so I just stroked it. But then, it turned its’ head staring me right in my face at which point everyone else had gone silent staring at me.  The next thing I know a big sloppy slimy kiss left me soaked in slobber. Everyone but I found this hysterical.

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