Travel Time: BelowZero Ice Bar.

By Nieve Allen.

On Sunday the 27th January, I headed to London with my boyfriend Patrick to the BelowZero Icebar.

I had planned this outing for his birthday after reading online about what a fun and unique experience it was. The BelowZero Icebar is located on a side street in Mayfair, so unless you had read up previously you wouldn’t realise it was even there – I recommend using google maps to find it.

Upon arrival, we were given green rubber wrist bands and then told to wait in the normal bar where we could have a drink before going into the actual Icebar. It was cosy and had a friendly feel about the room while we watched drinks being made. Being a mixologist seems like such art, they must have so much fun meeting people and making exotic drinks for them. Simply watching his work enticed us to look at the menu to see what new drinks we might try on top of the bottomless prosecco tickets we had.

Soon it was our turn to enter and we were presented with thermal capes that had gloves and fluffy hoods attached. Despite it being named the Icebar, you aren’t prepared for how cold it actually is, when we walked in I was very glad that I had left my jacket on underneath, although next time I will definitely wear more layers.

The theme at Belowzero changes every year in May meaning you can go back and always see something different. This year it is ‘London Land’ so the room was filled with classic English ice sculptures such as a phone box, taxi and the Trafalgar square Lions.

After a few glasses of prosecco, we moved onto new drinks. I had a ‘sugar and spice‘ which was vodka based; Absolut Blue, strawberry purée, Pimento Dram liqueur, passion fruit juice, while Patrick chose a rum-based ‘straight up mojito‘ made of Havana Especial, mint syrup, lemon juice, and soda water. Neither of us had had these before so it was exciting to try something new, especially since all the glasses are made of ice which just made the whole experience that bit more special.

Since we decided to go on a Sunday, the bar wasn’t very busy and despite the 40-minute time slot many people left before then, making us the only people left inside! We have decided to go back on a Friday or Saturday evening when it will be busier to see how much it can vary.

To commemorate the experience, Belowzero has a photographer that comes around to take photos of your time there which you can then buy online after, however, in traditional British fashion we decided to ask another couple to take some photos which in our opinion actually came out better than the ones taken on the camera.

We both really enjoyed this as a day out and we already have plans to go back. We had previously visited the Icebar at Winter wonderland which in our opinion wasn’t as good as Belowzero, due to the fact that it was a lot colder and the drinks weren’t made as well so we only stayed for 10 of the 20 minutes. This is something I had on my bucket list so I’m glad we did it, I would definitely recommend a visit the next time you’re in London.

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