Top Tweets: Trident Media followers share #FirstYearAdvice

We recently invited our followers to join in with the #FirstYearAdvice trend on Twitter. With many students planning the start of their university experience this September, it was time for the more experienced students to share their top tips for the new freshers.

Here’s what they had to say!

@TridentMediaUK you only need 40%. Go have fun. — Benjamin Fox (@The_Flasherman) June 5, 2015
@TridentMediaUK have fun with your friends, but if you want to do a placement/study abroad year; you’ll usually need a 2:1! #FirstYearAdvice — Chloe Burrowes (@chloeburrowes) June 5, 2015
@chloeburrowes @TridentMediaUK If you do a study abroad year, don’t drink the water and never make fun of their accents. #FirstYearAdvice — Benjamin Fox (@The_Flasherman) June 5, 2015
@TridentMediaUK for the love of god don’t wear a lanyard with your ID card in all the time — chuck (@charlubby) June 5, 2015
@TridentMediaUK Make the most of it! Freshers’ Week will never be the same again #FirstYearAdvice — Kealie Mardell (@KealieMardell) June 5, 2015
@TridentMediaUK It’s normal to get home sick at some point. Just relax, make new friends and have fun! #FirstYearAdvice — Bekka Chaplin (@BKKNC) June 5, 2015
@TridentMediaUK always listen to Crush Radio. #FirstYearAdvice — Mash-Up Madness (@Mashup_Madness) June 5, 2015

Don’t forget to share your #FirstYearAdvice with us @TridentMediaUK!

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