Top Places to Visit London at Christmas

By Danielle Smith

So the Christmas season is nearly upon us this means eating loads of chocolate, buying all the Christmas presents, drinking eggnog and hopefully seeing some snow. But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas unless there the cold weather and ice skating right? Open every winter, Hampton Court Palace host place to an amazing background setting of a 1040m squared ice rink open for all the public. Available for all ages this is the perfect place to have a laugh whilst getting into the Christmas spirit. The ice rink skating season starts on the 23rd November and is open daily until 6th January 2019. With over 500 years of history at your fingertips, why not arrive a bit early and roam about the palace and the world famous maze?

It’s every child’s dream to finally meet the one and only Father Christmas, so why not re-live that moment and head to one of the most famous department stores, Harrods. Located in Knightsbridge it is the perfect place to start your central London journey with the place scattered with holly, Christmas lights and festive snow (fake of course). As well as being able to sit on Father Christmas’s knee and meeting some of his elves, Harrods also offer an amazing shopping experience where people from all over the world come to experience. This amazing department store is spread over seven floors and has over 330 departments within some including watch stores, fine wines and spirits, fresh market hall and the most well-known… the toy store.

Credit: Michael Caven; Flickr

If you wish to see London light up at night time then Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is a must. The entry to the park is free, great for students, and it features activities such as ice skating, ice sculpting and circus shows, although these cost a small fee. If you did not want to spend much then why not have a walk through the Christmas market that offers presents for your boyfriend, girlfriend or just one for yourself. Once reaching the end of the market you will come across the main attraction of the place; the Giant Wheel. Here you can slowly go up into the stars and see the twinkling lights of London below whilst munching on chocolate covered churros.

Only a short tube ride away is Trafalgar Square, where every year Christmas carolers from around the country join together to sing for charity.  Performances usually occur between 4 pm and 8 pm on weekdays and 2 pm and 6 pm on weekends. With almost everyone in London singing altogether to Deck the Halls and We wish you a Merry Christmas, why would you not want to join in with the festivities.

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