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Top Five Halloween Movies

[Laura Noakes | Deputy Print Editor]

If you’re a little unsure of what to watch this Halloween night, I’ve got you covered. Whether you like ghosts, 90’s classics or good old fashioned horror, here are my top five picks for movies to watch this October 31st.

1) Scream – Scream is the classic cult slasher film. It follows a killer named Ghostface who is steadily murdering more and more people in a small town. With a smart plot that doesn’t conform to horror cliches, this is a great film for horror newcomers.

2) The Addams Family – Are you singing the theme song yet? In the 1991 film, the Addams Family have to thwart a con-artist impersonating Uncle Fester who is after their fortune. This black comedy is superbly performed, and is perfect for those who don’t want to be scared witless.

3) Hocus Pocus – Hocus Pocus is, for me, the classic American style Halloween movie. Three evil witches are brought back to life on Halloween and it is up to two teenagers and a little girl to save the day. This is a Disney movie that packs the punch, and Bette Midler is amazing as head witch Winifred.

4) Beetlejuice – What is Halloween without a little Tim Burton magic? Beetlejuice is comical take on the classic ghost story, with two newbie ghosts hoping to get the new people out of their house with the help of an evil ghost named Beetlejuice. This movie is perfect for fans of comedy and Burton’s wacky approach to filmmaking.

5) The Exorcist – The Exorcist is spine tingling horror at it’s best. It tells the absolutely terrifying tale of a girl possessed and the attempts to get an evil spirit out of her. My advice; don’t watch it at night or on your own – you won’t sleep for days!

While these make for a spooky Halloween surprise, who doesn’t love a good scare all year round?

What is your favourite movie from the article?

  1. Scream

  2. The Addams Family

  3. Hocus Pocus

  4. Beetlejuice

  5. The Exorcist

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