Top five funny sex scenes *spoilers!*

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Watching sex scenes can be sooooo awkward! Especially if it happens unexpectedly with your parents in the room. However, romantic comedies can “take the heat off,” and frankly they’re pretty hilarious. Everybody has their own top five when it comes to funny sex scenes; here are some of ours!

5. Bride of Chucky

Image: Bride of Chucky

Image: Bride of Chucky

This horror film is probably part of the funniest set of sequels ever, besides the scary movie sequel. In this film, Chucky finally gets married and of course, the night of their wedding, he and his bride decide to have sex. The way this is depicted in the film is hilarious, especially considering they’re both plastic dolls clearly without sexual organs. This funny sex scene takes away from the semi-grotesque scenes involving Chucky on his various killing sprees.

4. Bridesmaids


Image: Bridesmaids

For those that have seen this film, the sex scene is probably the funniest thing ever. Kristen Wiig is a great actress; in this particular scene she really looks like she is riding a horse rather than a you know what!

3. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


I find this film funny but of course, also borderline stupid and only in Anchorman would a sex scene be depicted as “Pleasure Town”: an animated town in which both parties are riding white horses and singing. Classic Anchorman.

2. Friends with Benefits

Image: Friends with Benefits

Image: Friends with Benefits

Discovering what your friend likes sexually can be one interesting adventure as Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake realise in this flick. First times can be super awkward, which makes for a brilliantly funny sex scene.

1. American Pie

Image: American Pie

Image: American Pie

Need we say more?

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