Top Festival Tips: Standon Calling 2018

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I’m sure most of you know only too well that summer is the most popular time for festivals, both in the UK and internationally. Here in our home county of Hertfordshire, there are a number of festivals taking place this summer.  Today, I’ll be focusing on the incredibly popular ‘Standon Calling’ which is a memorable yearly ‘must go’ festival in the small village of Standon, just outside Buntingford.

In recent years, Standon Calling’s popularity has risen dramatically, and people travel from all over the country and further to attend the 3-day festival! The other day I was out in St. Alban’s buying my lunch at Hatch and spotted a little flyer, advertising the festival.  That’s what inspired me to write this article.  We need to spread the word! This year, the festival is taking place from 26th – 29th July.

And there’s a real plethora of famous musicians and bands, making their way over to Standon this month. Paloma Faith, George Ezra, Bryan Ferry, Pale Waves, and Tom Walker are all playing sets.  So make sure you grab yourself a ticket soon because you won’t want to miss them and it’s selling out fast!

If you fancy a bit of a laugh, then how about the comedy to stage to raise your spirits?  See Seann Walsh, Rhys James, to name just a few of the comedians who are billed to make us all smile.

To find out more about the festival and to buy tickets, simply head over to the festival’s official website. 

Now, let’s talk top tips…

There is an ever-growing community of festival goers who share their top tips online, and I’ve compiled a list of the most important ones, so feast your eyes on this vital information:

(1) Bring a reasonably sized tent! 

Photograph by [Unknown] 

Bringing a big tent is one of the most important things to consider. During/after packing for the festival, think about how big your tent needs to be because chances are you’ll have a lot of stuff that will need its own area in your tent. Always make sure to get a tent with a sufficient area for sleeping, and if there is a storage area/porch for your belongings, then that will help to make your accommodation for the duration of the festival much more spacious and pleasant. 

(2) Arrive early – you’ll get a better camping spot! 

Photograph by Gobinder Jhitta

Try to arrive as early as possible, so that you get to pick the best place to pitch up! Try to choose a spot that’s in close vicinity of all of the landmarks, stages, and food/drink stalls (and maybe avoid pitching up near to the toilets because you don’t want to have to deal with the dubious aromas! (this shouldn’t be a problem if you are in the luxury camping area!)

(3) Prepare to lower your standards ever so slightly while at the festival 

Photograph by Gobinder Jhitta

You will have to sacrifice some of your home comforts while at the festival, but there are ways to stay safe, hygienic, and hydrated while living in a tent for a few days. Chances are that the queues for toilets will always be fairly long, so make sure to have something to keep you occupied while waiting for your chance to…. do your duties…. *cough* – moving on……

Wet wipes and dry shampoo will become your best friends!

(4) Only bring the festival essentials and leave valuables at home! 

Photograph by Giles Smith

Security of personal belongings isn’t always guaranteed at festivals, so only bring the things that you really need! Leave all pricy valuables at home and bring cheap items (disposable cameras, old phones, etc).

(5) Stay safe! 

Photograph by Giles Smith

At some point during the festival, you may well lose your group of friends, so make sure to set up a meeting point and then you’ll all be able to convene there if the worst does happen.  Phone reception is usually a little patchy at festivals, because of the thousands of people all trying to access the same network.

Don’t forget to follow Standon Calling on Twitter & Facebook. Trust me, you don’t want to miss a thing!

Enjoy the festival guys, and make sure to stay safe!

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