Top Commuting Tips

Updated: May 6

By Chloe Olivia Sladden

Commuting may seem like something devised by the devil incarnate at times, but it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Pre-Plan your journey route

This is probably obvious but some journeys may be easier to plan than others. It could be the case there is a small walk to where you start your commute or some changeovers.

Don’t forget to check for timetable changes and always leave early to allow for traffic, which is 90% likely to occur during your commute.

And don’t forget about pre-planning journey expenses!

For me, a weekly bus pass is £35, which is £140 a month which is a lot for a student. It’s always best to check if a ticket or pass may cover your whole journey every day or if you need two or more tickets/passes.

Don’t forget to sit down and quickly look into the costs, as sometimes daily tickets or returns may be cheaper but weekly and monthly tickets could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Also, never forget to check for student discounts (even on travel) and allocate it first in your budget as it’s very important and can easily be the most expensive allocation in your budget.

Have the right clothing with you

Getting a 7 am bus, being out at peak sun time at 12 pm or going home at 8 pm can mean you have to commute in all weather. A jumper/coat or sunglasses depending on what time you commute or wear can make your commute, just a bit more comfortable.

Always try to charge your phone before you travel

Trust me, having a low battery phone on a long commute is not fun. So always charge it as much as you can before you set off on a long commute.

It will probably act as your main source of entertainment and as a way of communicating if you’re going to be late to wherever you’re going.

Bring entertainment

I can’t stress enough how bored you will become without some form of entertainment. It could be anything from having a chance to get through your reading list, listening to music, watching Netflix on your phone or just texting.

The time will pass a lot quicker if you keep yourself entertained but put it away shortly before your stop. The last thing you need is to be too engrossed in something and miss your stop.

Bring a drink or snack

You may get very thirsty or very hungry on longer commutes, so always have a drink or snacks on standby in your bag.

Sort out the little things

If you have emails or messages to send, things to book or buy online, then the commute gives you the time to get these things done. It’ll save you time later in the day or week.