Top 5 most awesome Halloween movies of all time

By Michael Watkis- Contributing writer

Halloween really is a wonderful holiday. An excuse to dress up as a favourite character or celebrity, go to parties, and eat a ridiculous amount of tiny chocolate bars. It’s also a great excuse to watch a great and beloved genre of films, ‘Scary Movies’. For this list, we present what we consider the ‘Top 5 most awesome Halloween movies of all time’. Ranging from ghosts and other supernatural antagonists, to crazy humans who just want to scare the living daylights out of you. This list guarantees some great pieces of cinema, and some recommendations of what to do when you’re too poor for the Forum. Just make sure not to watch these spooky flicks  alone.  

5- Halloween– Considered to be the prototype for every slasher film that has followed. John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ is an obvious choice to kick off this list, giving us a psychotic murderer, plenty of guaranteed jump scares, and the incredible Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut. First released in 1978 ‘Halloween has spawned many sequels and remakes, and with good reason. The first person point of view shots from the eyes of Infamous movie legend Michael Myers, coupled with the brilliant backstory of the child murderer turned babysitter stalker, fills the viewer with wonder and horror as we hang on to see if he can be stopped. Seemingly immortal and with his uniquely terrifying mask Michael Myers stays in our hearts many years later, and made us all wary to accept a babysitting job on October 31st.

4- Insidious– The film that was personally responsible for me being unable to get a good night’s sleep for weeks afterwards, at number four on our list we have ‘Insidious’ released in 2010. This film highlights many of the scary movie stereotypes we all secretly love, including possessed children, a house with a dark history, and ghost and demons, Insidious is a treasure trove. The film looks at the Lambert family, and the struggles they face when supernatural forces threaten the children, prompting the help of ‘demonologists’ Elsie, Tucker, and Specs to battle them. With characters the audience are able to connect to, and villains that we promise, will make you scream, it is no surprise the success this film has had, with sequels being released in 2013 and 2015 respectively, and the fourth film in the franchise being released next year, get ready for plenty more thrills from the Insidious films, and the sleepless nights that accompany them.


3- Shaun of the Dead– A more relaxed and light hearted addition, at number three we have the first film of the brilliant ‘Cornetto trilogy’ 2004’s ‘Shaun of the Dead’. The idea of a zombie apocalypse has become very popular in recent years, with many films and T.V series’ dedicated to exploring the horror and heartbreak behind it, most famously ‘The Walking Dead’. This film however manages to perfectly blend horror, comedy, and bittersweet moments, with scenes that will make you laugh, cry, and want to go for a nice pint till it all blows over. Comedy duo Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost lead a comedy assembled cast through the mean streets of zombie infested London to reach a pub, the answer to all life’s problems even at the end of the world. This movie will teach you what should be important in the event of a real life zombie outbreak, and which records should be considered expendable when taking out a monster in your back garden.

2- Friday 13th Part II– Let’s get back to basics with the number 2 spot on our list ‘Friday 13th Part II’ released in 1981. Although a sequel, this film surpasses the original in many ways, with more dread filled moments that seem to last hours, more inventive ways of murdering people, and the introduction of horror icon, the hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees. This film takes us back to Camp Crystal Lake, where many teens still continue to spend their summers despite all the bloodshed, and perfectly blends an old and new cast, including a head. Jason like Michael Myers has become infamous, largely due in part that they are unable to be killed by normal means, and will always return in a sequel or crossover event. This film has all of what a good Halloween film needs and is nearly perfect for this list. Nearly.

1- Scream 1996– “What’s your favourite scary movie??” If your answer was not Wes Craven’s 1996 masterpiece ‘Scream’, why not??. The Scream franchise is unique in its appeal, by referencing other horror movie classics, and using this genre to create their very own psycho killer of Ghostface. Scream does not contain any supernatural beings, or immortal men in masks with tough childhoods. It has something scarier. Regular young people who with an appetite for violence. Scream takes place in the fictional town Woodsbury, where a masked killer stalks teens Neve Campbell and her friends, inept police officer Dewey, and Reporter Monica Gellar, um I mean Gale Weathers… This film also introduces us to ‘The rules’ which all scary movies seem to adhere to, and which must be followed if you are to survive the nightmare. The franchise’s success brought forth sequels, a Netflix original series, and a new mask for people to try and scare you with. With that we have concluded our Top 5 most awesome Halloween movies of all-time list. If you were unfamiliar with any of the highlighted picks, then I encourage you to immediately gather your friends and have a marathon. Just make sure to lock your doors behind you


Happy Halloween readers!

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