Top 5 MCM Comic Con Cosplay outfits

Comic Con was rife with original, obvious and outstanding cosplayers and a lot of them stood out. Here are my Top 5 favourite costumes:

Jesse and James (Victreebel)

These Con goers took a comedic turn depicting Pokémon’s James getting eaten by the ever present Victreebel. Throughout the series, Jesse and James were routinely getting pummelled by not only Ash and the gang but their own Pokémon too. These cosplayers show a superb imitation of the characters and an obvious love for Pokémon. The detail and accuracy was almost unrivalled for such a simple set of costumes. These outfits were outstanding, original ideas that caught a lot of attention. Let’s hope there were no fire-type Pokémon about!


Now there were plenty of masked crusaders, don’t get me wrong. But there was definitely only one Lego Batman. The vigilante would have found it difficult to save the day due to his square cardboard legs and hence lack of mobility. However, his smile, along with his creativity, got this costume a place in the top five. He’s the hero Comic Con deserves, but not the one it needs right now.


A blast to the past and probably one for our more mature students but it was great to see and old show still getting recognition. I heard that this costume won ‘Cosplay of the weekend’ and while I don’t think it’s that amazing, it definitely gets a place in my top five.

Damian (Mean Girls)

Now, this isn’t your typical Comic Con cosplay dress, however it is hilarious. The outfit is almost spot on but what makes it is the sign. Fortunately it wasn’t Wednesday otherwise this outfit couldn’t have been warn. “She doesn’t even go here” hit the internet by a storm and is incredibly memeable. The simplicity and sheer hilarity get’s it a place in my top five, but it isn’t number one. I’m sorry Damian, I wish we could all just get along. You can’t sit with number one.

Bender (Futurama)

Another brilliant use of cardboard – this fender costume had everything from superb detail to ease of making. The best thing about a costume like this is that it is easily recognisable and it’s obvious what they’re trying to achieve, and that’s why it’s in my top five. Truthfully, I wanted to bite his shiny metal a**.

Added bonus costume:

The Dictator – Admiral General Aladeen

Now we’re not legally about to write about Admiral General Aladeen, nor were we allowed to take a picture but this ‘costume’ was simply incredible but if I don’t hurry my head might get chopped.

Images: Tobi Olasupo


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