Top 5 favourite student discounts

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[Lara Owolabi | Contributing Writer]

Being a student is probably the only time in our lives where we get an endless amount of amazing discounts. Personally, I have five favourite discounts that I use.

1. NUS CARD – This is my favourite out of all the discounts I use mainly because you get 10% off a majority of shops; including Topshop, New Look and so much more. What’s better than being able to walk into your favourite clothes store and know that as a student you get a special discount? Nothing!

2.16-25 NATIONAL RAILCARD – This is a godsend if you’re like me and travel on overground trains a lot, whether it’s going to spend the weekend with your partner or going back home for a while, you get a 20% discount and it actually makes a huge difference in price.

3. UNIDAYS – This is just like the NUS card except it’s free and works for online shopping. The discounts vary from 10%-20% and covers a wider range of stores. All you need is your uni email address to sign up. I love this for last minute shopping plus it’s super easy to get the discount codes.

4. CLUB DEHAVILLAND LOYALTY CARD – In my first year I was on De Havilland Campus and after a couple of months I discovered the Loyalty Card. It’s promoted everywhere on campus and it’s free! You get discounts on food and drinks at Club De Havilland so perfect for a night out with the guys. this

5. CHIQUITO’S STUDENT CARD – I have used this a few times on a night out with my partner and Chiquito’s food prices are not exactly ‘student-friendly’ however, with the special student card you get 25% off your bill which can do wonders.


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